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The Final Event Handbook is Not Currently Available.  See Below for a Competition Preview (Download PDF HERE):


  • October 26, 2020-Final Event Date(s) Finalized
  • November 30, 2020-Handbook Released

  • December 1, 2020-Professional Development #2

General Event Information:

  • Event will be virtual via Zoom and held in March/April 2021.
  • Teams will consist of (4) students and will be a MESA Medley Relay Team.
  • Each team member will participate in (1) “on site” event individually.
  • All teams members will participate and contribute to the Prepared Design.
  • Final team score will consist of individual event scores and team Prepared Design score.
  • Prepared Design event will be submitted in advance for eligibility to participate.
  • Individual events will have an assigned participation time and student will participate “live”.
  • Event will be held separately from MESA USA Event.
  • Allowable team numbers per school will increase.


Individual Events: 

  • On Site Math
  • On Site Engineering
  • On Site Science
  • On Site Art

Prepared Design: Designing for Equity

  • Team will identify a community inequity and prototype user.
  • Team will create a theoretical prototype mock-up.
  • Team will submit a video or other digital media prepared presentation.

Prizes and Awards:

Prize awards will increase in value from previous years.
Individual event winners will be given individual medals and prize (1st-3rd Place).
Prepared Design event winners will be given individual medals and prizes (1st-3rd Place).
Overall team winners will be given a team trophy, individual medals, and individual prizes (1st-3rd Place).