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MESA Day Logistics Information:

NM MESA is proud to announce our 2021 Virtual MESA Day Competition

Equity is hard to achieve and the difference between equality and equity are important.  Although both promote fairness, equality achieves this through treating everyone the same regardless of need, while equity achieves this through treating people differently dependent on need.   Equity applied to design starts with looking at systems that unfairly privilege some over others and asks questions about what can be done to level the playing field.

All of our events will address the topic of Designing for Equity.  NM MESA schools are invited to participate in our MESA Day as follows:

  • On Site Science-Equity in Science Gameshow
  • On Site Math-Let’s Kahoot: Math Trivia
  • On Site Art Achievement-MESA Poetry Slam
  • On Site Engineering-Building for Equity
  • Prepared Design-Designing for Equity



  • March 22, 2021 at 10 AM: Registration Deadline and Submission of Prepared Design Materials
  • April 13, 2021: Middle School MESA Day Competition
  • April 15, 2021: High School MESA Day Competition
  • April 16, 2021: Awards Day
    • Prepared Design and Top Scoring On Site Art Submissions Available for Public Viewing and People’s Choice Voting
    • Awards Presentation at 3:00 PM MST

Full Information for our MESA Day Event is located in our 2021 MESA Day Handbook.  

ALL TEAMS:  The MESA Day competition will run like a MESA Medley.  Each team will be composed of 2-4 students. If schools have multiple teams, full team(s) of (4) members must be created before building an additional team.  Example: Team 1 must be complete before adding a Team 2.  Team 2 can then be partially complete.

All team members will work together on the Prepared Design event.  However, students will compete individually in their assigned event.  If a team has less than (4) members, they can only compete in the number of events they have team members for.  Each team is allowed to have (1) named alternate. Team names MUST be declared as follows:  (School) (Level) – (Team #).  Example: Mesaville High School – Team #1

ELIGIBILITY:  All participating teams must come from official New Mexico MESA School Programs. Schools must be considered official, and advisors must enter all profiles (A-2’s) and submit all A-1’s to their Regional Coordinator’s Office by 10 AM MST, Monday, March 22, 2021.  Only the students listed on the roster (have their A-2 submitted and have their A-1’s submitted) will be eligible to participate.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

ATTENDANCE AND QUALIFICATION:  All schools will be allowed to participate in MESA Day as follows.  Please use the table to determine the number of teams your school can bring. This is different from previous years’ allotment.

MESA Day Track

Small School: <= 30 profiles

Max number of teams=2

Large School: >=31 profiles

Max number of teams=4


Academic honesty and personal integrity are essential to ensure future success as college students and STEM Professionals. As such, NM MESA expects that the work will be solely the work of the students. If the work or ideas of another are used to further students’ work, then proper credit must be given to the owner. Failure to do so will result in an act of Plagiarism. If it is determined that a student committed plagiarism, they will be disqualified from the competition and will be ineligible to receive any awards. They may also risk further sanctions from MESA USA and/or their MESA State.

Due to the nature of a virtual competition, the event will be done with the trust that all students will abide by this policy.  There will be unmonitored times and we are unable to determine who may be in the same room with the competing student.  All onsite events are to be completed individually with the assigned student solely completing the task.  The prepared design event should be completed by the entire student team.

Advisors (or non-competitors) are NOT allowed in any competition. All advisors are expected to assist their teams with meeting deadlines, register their teams, assist their students to ensure they log in correctly, are where they need to be, and that the prepared design is saved and submitted correctly. Any complaints and/or appeals need to be addressed by the students to the Event Coordinator during the event. 

It is recommended (and placed in the Agenda) to meet with your competing students the morning of the event (in your own platform) to verify everyone’s attendance and that all students understand the day’s events.

TECHNOLOGY: Students arriving late to their assigned competition will participate at the discretion of the lead judge. Extra time might not be allotted to any student arriving late.  Because this will be a virtual event, please ensure students are at a location with reliable internet and are using technology that is compatible with the applications described.  Prior to the event, full information will be provided to all registrants that will include contact information for event coordinator, final event schedule, log in information, test sites, etc. All events will have an allotted time to allow for all students to log in as needed.

All students are required to be on camera for our onsite events. In addition, all videos submitted for the Prepared Design Event as well as the top scorers in the Onsite Art Achievement event will be publicly shared for a People’s Choice Selection. If there are any issues with this policy, additional information must be provided during registration and approval must be granted in advance. 

MESA DAY REGISTRATION: This is required for any team wanting to attend MESA Day.  All qualification registration and submittal of materials will be done via the Cvent System with a direct link on the MESA Day Event Page on the NM MESA Website.  ALL REGISTRATION WILL NEED TO BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY BY MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2020 AT 10 AM MST

The day before the event, advisors will be sent a final spreadsheet of attendees.  The morning of the event, advisors will be asked to send any modifications to your registration by 9AM to anita@nmmesa.org. 

There is not a registration form collected in hard copy, but the following information will be needed to complete on-line registration.  (1) Registration will be done per school and will collect all needed information for MESA Day participation. 

Information You Will Need Per School Registration:

  • How many teams you are bringing (and eligible for)
  • What students are doing what event?
  • Unique Email Address
  • School Name, Level (HS or MS), Region
  • Advisor Information and Contact information (phone, email, mailing address)
  • Student Names, Contact Information (phone, email, mailing address), and Assigned Event.
    • NOTE: There have been problems with student school emails accepting emails from the nmmesa.org domain. ENSURE that there is a good email as direct contact will be made to the competing student(s) by the Event Coordinators as needed.
  • (1) Alternate Per Team with Contact Information (phone, email, mailing address).
  • Any specific team requests and/or information

 Team Submittals You Will Need to Upload Per Team in School Registration:

  • Prepared Design materials as listed below are required for participation in MESA Day.
  • User Profile Template:
    • MUST be submitted in Portable Document Format (.PDF) as (1) Document.
  • Project Video Link:
    • Must be accessible for public view in YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar format. Ensure access before submitting.