Welcome to our Curriculum Page! Below are resources that will be helpful to you in your MESA time and classroom.  Access to any listed curriculum is available only to current NM MESA Advisors and by completing the required Curriculum Agreement.  Once you complete the Curriculum Agreement, a password will be provided for access.  

NM MESA Buddies Handbook 2020-2021»

Created January 2021 for use in our MESA Buddies Elementary Mentoring Program.  Contains 10 Lessons to be used for Elementary Students in the MESA Buddies Program.  Password for this document is different as authorized users have been accepted into the MESA Buddies Program. 

NM MESA Curriculum 2020-2021»

Created December 2020 in partnership with Explora and the LANL Foundation.  Contains 26 STEM Lessons with Digital Adaptations for grades 6-12.  

These STEM Lesson Plans are designed to build students’ abilities to figure out phenomena – that is, to be able to explain how something works, understand why something happens in a particular way, and solve different types of problems.  In accordance with New Mexico’s STEM Ready! science standards, the focus shifts from learning content to making sense of phenomena. Importantly, students also will build critical thinking and socio-emotional skills, because they learn science that is relevant to them while working in cooperative, supportive groups. Final version updated January 14, 2021.

MESA STEM-E Curriculum»

Created June 2013 in partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Contains 18 Modules over grades 9-12.

This curriculum is designed to take a holistic approach to teaching about all of the major disciplines of science with significant math and engineering components built into the curriculum.  In addition to the New Mexico State Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Writing in Technical Subjects (CCSS) have been written into the curriculum as well as following a format based on templates created by the Literacy Design Collaborative.  The curriculum will also provide opportunities to apply math and science concepts to competitions and group projects.

MESA USA Invention Education Toolkit»

Included in this document in a list of links to the resources and materials used in the two day MESA USA Invention Education Training on June 24th and 25th, 2021. All documents contained within are created by Oregon MESA.  With permission, they are only to be used by NM MESA teachers as part of the MESA framework. Advisors should make individual copies of these materials or resources. Nothing is to be updated if allowed.  

This tool was made by in-school and out-of-school educators as a resource for all educators. In the MESA Invention Toolkit, the teacher is viewed as a facilitator of learning to help students work through developing empathy for a client, defining the problem through the clients’ lens, ideating and evaluating possible solutions, building and testing a prototype which meets a set of criteria and constraints, and presenting their process with focus on identifying challenges and describing how those were overcome to create their working prototype.

 Virtual Design Workbook with fillable tables

MESA USA Prosthetics Curriculum»

Created 2012 with the MESA USA Curriculum Committee as part of support for the Prosthetic Arm NEDC Competition.  Contains 12 Lessons that can support the development of a prosthetic arm or any design challenge. Highlights an Engineering Notebook, the Engineering Design Process, and an introduction to Human Centered Design.

Global Warming Express Curriculum»

Global Warming Express (GWE) offers a solution-driven, positive, creative approach to engage students in the exploration of science, climate science and solutions.  Students are introduced to and practice writing about what they have learned, public speaking and performing (song, dance) to express their ideas and understanding of climate. The focus will then change to action. Kids in each group are challenged to decide upon, as a group, a small and big goal that their group will work on. Kids will have multiple opportunities to take part in actions where they will meet people interested in what they are doing and have to say. GWE is filling a pipeline of youth climate leaders who will carry on taking direct action, influencing policy and propelling their communities towards sustainability. They leave GWE with a passion for solving this global problem and a confidence that their actions will make a difference. For more information contact: 

For Program Handout: GWE Handout Fall 2021

National Inventors Hall of Fame Ready, Set, STEM Handbook»

“Get creative with NEW, hands-on STEM activities. Our all-new Ready, Set, STEM Handbook is filled with engaging, at-home activities for elementary and middle school-aged kids. Best of all, these brand new activities can be completed as a family, so everyone can learn, imagine and invent together.”-National Inventors Hall of Fame. 

NMPED Outdoor Learning»

Created for 2020-2021 as guidance for school reentry by the New Mexico Public Education Department.  Contains resources and lessons for outdoor learning education.

Solar Cooker Curriculum»

Created 2011 by Oregon MESA and presented to NM MESA with a partnership sponsored by Lemelson Foundation.  Contains 13 Session Lessons that highlights solar energy and the Engineering Design Process.  

Water Curriculum-Filtration»

Created 2010 by Oregon MESA and presented to NM MESA in partnership.  Contains 4 Introductory Activities, 5 Sessions on Water Filtration, and activities for the Presentation of Inventions. Partnered with Water Curriculum-Transportation. 

Water Curriculum-Transportation»

Created 2010 by Oregon MESA and presented to NM MESA in partnership.  Contains 4 Introductory Activities, 4 Sessions on Water Transportation, and activities for the Presentation of Inventions. Partnered with Water Curriculum-Filtration.