Students Overview

NM MESA thanks all of our students for choosing to be in the NM MESA program. We look forward to working with you and want to encourage you to explore some of the ways to become active as a NM MESA student!

  • Each student will need to complete the following forms for the 2020-2021 school year. All electronic versions are linked in the sidebar. 
  • If you are completing an electronic version, please verify the region you are in so it is entered correctly.  All schools/regions are listed HERE 
    • A-1 Parent Permission Form: Can be submitted hard copy or electronic
    • A-2 Student Profile: You can take a paper A-2 Student profile form home to get information from your parent(s) OR fill it out with a computer, laptop or cell phone. NOTE: Student profile information will be available in MIMS within one week of submittal.
    • A-3 Field Trip Agreement Form: Can be submitted hard copy or electronic
  • Learn how to fill out the W9 form for the Loyalty Award Application. click here
  • Events and News from your MESA region is available by choosing Regions on the menu bar above.


Congratulations to our 2020 Loyalty Awards Recipients! These students have been active NM MESA participants for two or more years, earned a minimum of 175 activities points and met or exceeded the minimum GPA requirements. They will be receiving funds to further their higher education this fall. We at NM MESA congratulate them and all our graduating Seniors on their years of hard work and wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors.

First Name Last Name School
Cruz  Flores Alamogordo HS
Elijah  Collins Alamogordo HS
Matthew  Thomas Alamogordo HS
Benjamin Wright Alamogordo HS
Jared  Moyers Albuquerque HS
Johanna Kelly Albuquerque HS
Valeria Rojas Albuquerque HS
Mason Cannon Albuquerque HS
Angel  Ortega Albuquerque HS
Annette  Santillian Alta Vista Early College HS
Brianna  Salas Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Michelle Sanchez Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Ariana  Salas Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Priscilla Cruz Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Sindy  Ramos Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Jorge  Fernandez Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Amy  Villalobos Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
Trevor  Louis Atrisco Heritage Academy HS
John  Begay Belen HS
Adrian Maez Belen HS
Maya  Chacon Belen HS
Bishop Cervantes Belen HS
Victor  Schiller Belen HS
Josiah Lavery Bernalillo HS
Kevin  Lu Centennial HS
Nayeli  Chaparro Centennial HS
Makayla Lopez Centennial HS
Eric  Martinez Centennial HS
Ariza  Gomez Chaparral HS
Elijah  Ornelas Cibola HS
Sierra Quintana Cibola HS
Alize  Arredondo Cobre HS
Joshua  Mohr Cobre HS
Garrett Etcitty Crownpoint HS
Alaina  Craig Crownpoint HS
Caitlyn  Livingston Crownpoint HS
Courtney Armstrong Crownpoint HS
Talaya  Jake Crownpoint HS
Dyanni Choyou Crownpoint HS
Jorey  Degroat Crownpoint HS
Raymond Chiquito Crownpoint HS
Joshua Nelson Crownpoint HS
Jesse  Smith Crownpoint HS
Jiymalita  Garcia Crownpoint HS
Candace  Cowboy Crownpoint HS
Rheanna  Charley Crownpoint HS
Margaret Rose  McNeal Crownpoint HS
Jasmine  Tata Del Norte HS
Dominic  Moreno Del Norte HS
Christopher Clyde Deming HS
Valerie Munoz Deming HS
Dasia  Jaramillo Deming HS
Bryan  Loredo Deming HS
Ahmad Alsheikh Deming HS
Truett  Shafer Deming HS
Joseph Bertrand East Mountain HS
Jared  Anicito East Mountain HS
Cesar Urbano East Mountain HS
Leann Trujillo Espanola Valley HS
Diana Andrade Espanola Valley HS
Emily  Garcia Espanola Valley HS
Celia  Soto Goddard HS
Kiaya  Island Goddard HS
Romeo  Borunda Goddard HS
Eli  Fairbanks Goddard HS
Aydan Kakaras Goddard HS
Gage  Evans Goddard HS
Kaden  Fitzwater Goddard HS
Lorenzo Salas Goddard HS
Adolfo Gonzalez Goddard HS
Caylin Zavala Goddard HS
Jonah Austin Goddard HS
Noah  Nunez Goddard HS
Bhumika Bhakta Goddard HS
Luis  Antillon Goddard HS
Hunter  Beene Goddard HS
Kaston  Ramage Goddard HS
Kaleigh  Chappell Goddard HS
Amaya Carabajal Goddard HS
Justus  Janway Goddard HS
Michael  Moore Godard HS
Spencer Robins Goddard HS
Cason Jones Goddard HS
Kyle  Burrow Goddard HS
Julian  Quintero Goddard HS
Austin  Eldridge Goddard HS
Trotter  Boston Goddard HS
Katelyn Graham Goddard HS
Heidi  Smith Goddard HS
Isaiah Romero Goddard HS
John  Cooper Las Cruces HS
Haley  Turner Las Cruces HS
Lazaro Tiqui Las Cruces HS
Phillip  Ortiz Las Cruces HS
Reema Iqbal Las Cruces HS
Tiffany  Monarco Las Cruces HS
Katherine Krizek Las Cruces HS
Tanner  Nielsen Las Cruces HS
Kristopher Boone Los Lunas HS
Abigail Clarke Manzano HS
Jacob  Duran Manzano HS
Samuel  Orozco Mayfield HS
David  Halder Mesa Vista HS
Cameron Trujillo Mesa Vista HS
Katalina  Vigil Mesa Vista HS
Jasmine  Jaramillo Mesa Vista HS
Alejandro  Trujillo Mesa Vista HS
Michael Ryan  Garcia Mesa Vista HS
Silviano  Martinez Mesa Vista HS
Gabriella  Archuleta Mesa Vista HS
Alyssa  Suazo Mesa Vista HS
Ivan  Molinar Mora HS
Shanay Casados Mora HS
Danae  Pino Mora HS
Hunter  Alcon Mora HS
Danette  Torres Mora HS
Sky  Harper Navajo Preparatory High School
Andrew  Holmes nexGen Academy
Allen  Tam nexGen Academy
Elijah  Botello nexGen Academy
Marco  Torres Onate HS
Gage  Young Onate HS
Jonathan  Venegas Onate HS
Sebastian  Evans Onate HS
Jaqueline  Acosta Onate HS
Johnathon Najera Onate HS
Namhi Gallegos Onate HS
Aaron  Lopez Onate HS
Justice  Armijo  Onate HS
Jada  Martinez Onates HS
Mireya Sanchez-Maes Onate HS
Stephen Villanueva Portales HS
Breanna  Yazzie Portales HS
Nakia  Jackson Portales HS
Paige  Gard Portales HS
Kerstiy  Laman Portales HS
Zara Roy Portales HS
Viana  Chung Robertson HS
Yasmin  JImenez Roswell HS
Angel  Borjas Roswell HS
Brandon  Andrade Ceja Roswell HS
Antonio Meza Roswell HS
Alyssa  Vasquez Roswell HS
Jonathan  Puchi Roswell HS
Bianca  Estrada Ruidoso HS
Emily  Musgrave Ruidoso HS
Sharon  Minnix Ruidoso HS
Estevan  Patterson Santa Rosa HS
Lila  Marquez Santa Rosa HS
Jordan  Sanchez Santa Rosa HS
Izaias  Correa Santa Rosa HS
Angelina  Correa Santa Rosa HS
Shawn  Agar Santa Rosa HS
Giselle  Ariaza-Pulido South Valley Academy
Levi  Sena South Valley Academy
Adreana  Porras South Valley Academy
Emma  Bolivar South Valley Academy
Luis  Lopez South Valley Academy
Jaime  Gibson South Valley Academy
Margarita Elise Marquez South Valley Academy
Isabella  Luna Valley HS
Jennifer  Baidon Valley HS
Vicente  Chavez, Jr. Valley HS
Sharon  Tiernan West Las Vegas HS
Alicia  Garcia West Las Vegas HS
David  Lopez Amaya West Las Vegas HS
Brenda  Ramirez West Las Vegas HS
Marisa  Armijo West Las Vegas HS
Vanessa  Delcid West Mesa HS

Upcoming NM MESA Events

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The Annual AMP Conference, typically held in Las Cruces is GOING VIRTUAL for 2020! This conference is an excellent opportunity for our NM MESA high school students. The conference provides the…

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MESA Seniors Class of 2020 We Celebrate You!»

05/13/2020 – MESA class of 2020, please upload your graduation picture to this link: We will present a slide show of all our graduated 2020 Seniors in June. They will also be…

MarineLab Zoom webinar: Coral Reef Ecology»

04/14/2020 – MarineLab Zoom webinar => Coral Reef Ecology.  NOTE: MarineLab is hosting this event in place of our previously planned 2020 Senior Incentive Field Trip (SIFT) activity.  Date/Time: Thursday, April 16 @ 11AM MST (Mountain…

NM MESA Statewide Events Update and Cancellation Notices»

03/19/2020 – Since the last notices, our current state recommendations have changed quite significantly.  This includes the closure of all public schools through April 6 and the closure of many universities, public…

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