Annual Statewide MESA Events

October 8, 2021AMP Conference

The New Mexico AMP conference is a student research conference which focuses on the following fields: technology, engineering, science and math. The conference promotes New Mexican college minority students to communicate their research via oral presentations, poster displays and is a competition for both undergraduate and graduate students. The event invites NM MESA high school students to participate and interact in college level presentations.  

Year RoundNM MESA Virtual STEM Series

With the emerging need to supplement instruction virtually, MESA piloted their STEM Series in the Spring of 2020 in response to the emergency school site closures.  Our STEM Series brings professionals from across New Mexico and the country to interact with our MESA students, advisors, and general public.  Sessions will be recorded for future use.  Adjoining curriculum (3 Lessons) and materials is provided with sessions to enhance the learning experience and assist our teachers with the adapted learning environment.  Additional NM MESA Curriculum and activities will also be provided throughout the year. 

November 1-5, 2021Virtual College and Career Pathways Experience

This will be a week long virtual conference for High School students to select and participate in sessions via zoom.  Traditionally our program provides and allows for multiple college visits through the year.  With current contact restrictions and to provide equitable opportunity for all of our MESA students, we will convert this experience.  Tracks will include sessions from Universities and College Prep Professionals with topics to include: Virtual Field Trip, University Services, What to Select in a University, FAFSA/Financial Aid, Standardized Tests, Career Preparedness and more. 

Year RoundStatewide Professional Development Series»

Sessions to help MESA teachers navigate a different type of school year.  Instead of in person singular training, we will be utilizing a virtual module training method to support our advisors (teachers) in their teaching practices, assistance with project-based learning, our yearly theme, and adapting their classroom and MESA program to a changing educational landscape. Each module will be up to a full day of training, will be recorded for future viewing, will provide opportunities for followup assistance, and will provide resources for continued learning. 

February 2022Legislative Field Trip

The legislative field trip is a chance for students to experience the legislative process and see state government in action. A learning experience for all involved, it is also an excellent opportunity for NM MESA to showcase its program. Attendees will act as ambassadors for NM MESA and may testify before members of the legislature. Legislative activities will help NM MESA continue its mission of preparing middle and high school students for college majors and careers in mathematics, engineering and science. This trip is tentative based on current travel and contact restrictions. Also planned are virtual visits and a virtual legislative forum. 

March 2022NM MESA USA

NM MESA USA is our state’s qualifying event for the National MESA USA Engineering Competition. Student teams create a multi-purpose engineering project and are required to submit accompanying materials and presentations. Winning teams from our state competition represent NM MESA at the National Competition. This is a yearlong project for school teams with accompanying presentations, webinars, and assistance. The theme for the 2021-2022 Year is “Designing for Equity in Your Community”.  Final information released November 2021 on whether this event will be in person or virtual. 

March 2022NM MESA Day

The NM MESA Day is our annual academic competition in which students from across the state participate in the arranged academic events. A handbook is created annually which details out the current year’s events and programs. Events are Math, Science, Engineering, or Technology based. School programs are encouraged to design programming around the yearly theme of the event. The theme for the 2021-2022 Year is “Celebrating Invention”.  Final information released November 2021 on whether this event will be in person or virtual. 

April 2022Senior Incentive Field Trip

Each year NM MESA selects its top seniors to attend a multi-day incentive field trip. Locations have included Orlando, Florida; Silicon Valley, California; Houston, Texas and surrounding areas; and New York, New York. Students are selected based upon participation in the MESA program and their academic performance. During the trip, students get to experience “once in a lifetime” opportunities with an educational twist. This trip is tentative and may be modified or cancelled dependent upon current travel and contact restrictions

Fall 2021MESA Buddies

MESA Buddies is a mentor program in which a MESA high school partners with a local elementary classroom (grades 2-4) to provide supplemental STEAM instruction and mentorship. A minimum of 10 STEAM lessons/interactions will be completed in the Spring of 2021.  The MESA teacher will arrange for a team of high school students to work with the designated elementary students.  Format will be determined by the current classroom restrictions and will either be done virtually in which material packs will be created and pre-distributed to each student for use in their own home or will be done in person and in small group interactions as determined by current social distancing restrictions.