Digital Learning

In response to the changing educational climate, NM MESA has adapted and we are providing many of our events virtual. We will still continue to support our students, our teachers, and our MESA programs. We look forward to having your participation. 


STEM Series

Follow Up Activities (Workshop Credit-5 Points/each) – NM MESA has created (3) supplemental lessons that can be completed with ANY STEM Series Presentation/Video.  To receive credit, students must complete activity and submit to the school advisor for credit.  The school advisor is responsible for ensuring that each lesson is completed in entirety and meets quality standards.  The school advisor will submit the activity as an individual event for activity credit.  Each student is only eligible for (1) supplemental activity credit per STEM Series Video.  

    • Activity 1 – A World of STEM at Your Fingertips, Reflection: Typeable Lesson
    • Activity 2 – Personal Career Exploration. NOTE This activity can only be done (1) time per year: Typeable Lesson
    • Activity 3 – STEM Investigation and Design Challenge: Typeable Lesson
    • All Activities: PDF Download

STEM Series 2019-2020 Session List

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STEM Series 2020-2021 Session List

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STEM Series 2021-2022 Session List

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Virtual Statewide Competitions

NM MESA will provide a Virtual Competition(s) to assist schools and students with performance watch requirements.  Competition(s) are hosted independently and advisor is to award participation credit as completed. 

Towering Above

NM MESA is proud to present a Virtual Competition in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos National Laboratory. “Towering Above” will allow students in grades 6-12 to participate in a fun virtual competition. You will be able to test your creativity and your engineering skills with this design challenge. There is something for everyone. All you will need is construction paper, tape, scissors, and your imagination.
More Information Coming Soon

Virtual Service Learning

NM MESA will host Virtual Service Learning Events to assist schools and students with performance watch requirements and MIMS credit.  These virtual events are in addition to anything done at the school level. 

MESA's Big Give

With Small Things We Can Make a Big Impact!
During the time of MESA’s Big Give (December 2022), the MESA Family will contribute back to our communities across New Mexico. Engaging in service learning provides us all with the opportunity to become active members of our community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Volunteerism enables all of us to acquire life skills and knowledge, helps to build community equity, as well as provides a service to those who need it most.

Join us! MESA students, advisors, families, staff, schools, Board Members, stakeholders, and all others welcome. Independent projects will be highlighted on our social media platforms and our website. For more information, visit event page.