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2020-2021 Additional Dates of STEM Programming  

*subject to change due to NM Dept. of Health recommendations

July 27-20 – NSTA STEM20: Virtual Event
Sept. 16-20 – NM Science Fiesta (virtual)
Sept. – UNM School of Engineering Open House
Oct. 19-23 – Nuclear Science Week: Nuclear Museum (Abq, NM)
Oct. 28-30 – NSTA Regional Conference (Portland, OR)
Nov. – Discovery Festival NM (Abq. NM)
Dec. 9-11 – NSTA Regional Conference (Los Angeles, CA)
Jan. – Expanding Your Horizons: UNM main campus (Abq. NM)
Feb. – DOE Regional High School Science Bowl (Abq. NM)
Feb. 16 – NM Future City Competition: UNM (Abq. NM)
Feb. – NM Science Olympiad (Socorro, NM)
Feb. – Discover STEM Week: Nuclear Museum (Abq. NM)
Feb. – 
VEX RC State Championship (Abq. NM)
March – DOE Regional Middle School Science Bowl (Abq. NM)
March  – Central NM STEM Research Challenge (Abq. NM)
April – NM Envirothon (Glorieta, NM)
April – Engineering Energy Day: UNM SOE (Abq, NM)
April – NM Supercomputing Challenge @ Expo NM (Abq, NM)
April-May – DOE National Science Bowl (Washington, DC)
May – Robo Rave International (Abq, NM)
Spring 2021 – 
Abq. Mini-Maker Faire: Villa Hispana, NM Expo (Abq, NM)
July 28-30, 2021 – NSTA STEM Forum & Expo (Detroit, MI)

Past Central Inner Region Events

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