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Getting your students signed up in the Virtual World!


  1. A-1: Two page parent permission form. The signed page comes back to Regional Coordinator (can be faxed or emailed)
    1. It’s best to make sure you have as many profiles entered as possible (explained in the next step), then send all the A1s to me at once.
    2. Electronic A1Parents can fill out the whole form online, then it is sent to me and I can keep track of it all. You don’t need to do anything other than make sure students do it. For those interested, here’s the A1 QR code.
  1. A-2: Student profile form. To be filled out by students and their parents. You will likely need to provide each student with his/her 9-digit PED ID number. It’s often different than a school ID number. Usually advisors get that from the school’s main office. Also make sure each student knows that your school is in the West Region.
    1. If they do the paper copy, it needs to be entered in the MIMS database by you when they return it. This will create the student’s individual profile, which is required before I can enter the A1, making that student official.
    2. Electronic A2 – This version will be much easier for you because, like the electronic A1, you just make sure each student completes one, no need to do any extra manual work. For those interested, here’s the A2 QR code.
  1. A-3: Field Trip form
    1. I don’t need to receive a copy. The normal procedure in the past has been for the advisor to keep a file of all of these, taking them along on every field trip.
    2. Electronic A3 – Also easier to do it all electronically. When it is completed by a student, I will receive a copy and forward it to you so you have a file. For those interested, here’s the A3 QR code.

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