NM MESA Annual Reports

FY19 Annual Report»

NM MESA expands the number of schools served while consolidating from 7 regional offices to 6 regional offices serving 96 schools in 27 districts.

2018 Annual Report»

NM MESA recognizes its 35th year as a non-profit organization, helping to enrich the lives of New Mexicans throughout our state. 

2017 Annual Report»

NM MESA is the oldest pre-college STEM enrichment education program in New Mexico and we strive to maintain this standing, serve our customers, and engage our partners and other supporters to assist in the achievement of the state and national goal of growing the workforce and citizens of the future.

2015 Annual Report»

This year, we recognized and rewarded 40 teachers for participation in NM MESA for five years and longer.

2014 Annual Report»

NM MESA has expanded the initial vision to better describe what we foresee for the future: ‘Diverse, well-educated, professionals who reach their full potential as leaders through Math, Engineering, Science and technology Achievement.’

2013 Annual Report»

2012-2013 was NM MESA’s 30th year as a non-profit organization. From its humble beginning of 150 students from 6 schools to 4,006 students and 92 schools, MESA has come a long way!