Field Trip Agreement Form

1 Field Trip Agreement
2 Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Student and Parent Field Trip Agreement

  • Student and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) agree to:

    1. REPRESENT their individual school’s MESA program and their school and serve as official representatives of the statewide NM MESA, Inc., program. In addition, the student agrees to behave with the highest degree of professional behavior and to comply with all MESA policies as well as all school and district policies for the duration of all NM MESA, Inc., activities.
    2. ACKNOWLEDGE that each student is assigned to an adult chaperone and a specific group for the duration of the field trip. It is critical to inform adult chaperones of student whereabouts and/or emergency situations.
    3. FOLLOW AND CONSENT to individual and group instructions and/or rules for the duration of the field trip.
    4. RELEASE NM MESA, INC., and New Mexico Tech from all liability.
    5. ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES of improper behavior. NM MESA, Inc., has the authority to remove any student whose behavior is not exemplary and/or is hazardous to him/herself and others. NM MESA, Inc., demands a high standard of student behavior during participation in all NM MESA, Inc., events. MESA students that participate in illegal activities such as, but not limited to, possession or consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, theft, or vandalism, relinquish their current and future membership in NM MESA, Inc. Parents will assume all costs for damages to rooms, buses, facilities, return transportation home, etc. Any advance payments will be forfeited.
      Additional requirements in connection with any overnight field trip:
    6. MAINTAIN polite and considerate behavior for the other guests in the facility (refrain from excessive noise, dangerous behavior, etc.), and adhere to all the rules of the facility.
    7. BE IN YOUR ROOM by designated “Lights Out” time. Students are required to stay in their assigned room throughout the night, and be ready to begin the next day on time.
    8. COMMUNICATE with your sponsor regarding the wake-up time and check-out procedures, breakfast arrangements, boarding bus, etc.
  • Sign your name with mouse, digital pen, or on touchscreen device, using your finger.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you're uncertain, please view the region pages on NM MESA's website.