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NM MESA thanks all of our students for choosing to be in the NM MESA program.  We look forward to working with you and want to encourage you to explore some of the ways to become active as a NM MESA student!

  • Each student will need to complete the on-line A-2 Student Profile for the 2018-2019 school year.  You can take a paper A-2 Student profile form home to get information from your parent(s) OR fill it out with a computer, laptop or cell phone. Click Student Profile here to access the form (available on August 1, 2018).  NOTE: Student profile information will be available in MIMS within one week of submittal.

Video Tutorial on how to use the online A-2 Student Profile form (3.5 minutes)

Guide on how to use the online A-2 Student Profile form (PDF)

  • Events and News from your MESA region is available by choosing Regions on the menu bar above.


Congratulations to our 2018 Loyalty Awards Recipients! These students have been active NM MESA participants for two or more years, earned a minimum of 175 activities points and met or exceeded the minimum GPA requirements. They will be receiving funds to further their higher education this fall. We at NM MESA congratulate them and all our graduating Seniors on their years of hard work and wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Clint Boroski Alamogordo HS
David Melendrez Alamogordo HS
Zechariah Collins Alamogordo HS
Fernando Flores Albuquerque HS
Jhanene Heying-Melendrez Albuquerque HS
Katon Luaces Albuquerque HS
Parker Randolph Albuquerque HS
Eden Resnik Amy Biehl HS
Leilani Lucero Amy Biehl HS
Eduardo Anaya Artesia High School
Victoria Ramirez Artesia High School
Arscenia Lucero Belen HS
Genevieve Sanchez Belen HS
Nicolas Vallejos Belen HS
Anthony Gioia Carlsbad HS
Ashley Stevens Carlsbad HS
Elizabeth Simonton Carlsbad HS
Harold Baggett Carlsbad HS
Roshna Rajan Carlsbad HS
Simon Armijo Carlsbad HS
Emma Locklin Centennial HS
Bailey Dodson Cibola HS
Muriel Olander Cibola HS
Emmarie Ryan Cobre HS
Glen Montoya Cobre HS
Markus Flores Cobre HS
Olivia Montoya Cobre HS
Brenen McNeal Crownpoint HS
Lynette Larson Crownpoint HS
Matthew Martin Crownpoint HS
Sophon Hardy Crownpoint HS
Irvin Dominguez-Chavez Del Norte HS
Adrian Luna Deming HS
Antoni Varela Deming HS
David Velez Deming HS
Gabriel Mesta Deming HS
Hector Espino Jr. Deming HS
Jerrod Parten Deming HS
Matthew Simpson Deming HS
Alicia Trujillo Espanola Valley HS
Bethany Solano Espanola Valley HS
Mariano Rodriguez Espanola Valley HS
Reina Padilla Espanola Valley HS
Veronica Trujillo Espanola Valley HS
Faith Trujillo Espanola Valley HS
Dennis Tsosie Gallup HS
Adreanna Lueras Goddard HS
Amanda McGlasson Goddard HS
Anderson Jones Goddard HS
Brooklyn Knight Goddard HS
David Quintero Goddard HS
Eduardo Merino Goddard HS
Eric Taylor Goddard HS
Joshua Hicks Goddard HS
Kathryn Dosher Goddard HS
Logan Mathison Goddard HS
Lucas Martinez Goddard HS
Luis Macias Goddard HS
Marc Gross Goddard HS
Nathaniel Jones Goddard HS
Nathen Roberts Goddard HS
Nicholaus Martinez Goddard HS
Preston Lant Goddard HS
Rosemary Pierce Goddard HS
Samanda Griffin Goddard HS
Samantha Odom Goddard HS
Steven Archuleta Goddard HS
Tenise Stansfield Goddard HS
Tracy Womack Goddard HS
Troy Boggs Goddard HS
Tyler Hardwick Goddard HS
Adrian Perez Grants HS
Andrew Cowie Las Cruces HS
Arturo Lara Las Cruces HS
Caroline Williams Las Cruces HS
Cesar Miss Las Cruces HS
Julie Smith Las Cruces HS
Samuel Cole Myers Las Cruces HS
Corrina Klein Manzano HS
Emily Clarke Manzano HS
Lien Tang Manzano HS
Nora Vanesky Manzano HS
Conrad Brooks Mayfield HS
Joseph Reser Mayfield HS
Kevin Brooks Mayfield HS
Thomas Wilkinson Mayfield HS
Brian Gollas Mesa Vista HS
Darius Gallegos Mesa Vista HS
Harvest Taniguchi Mesa Vista HS
Alonzo Aragon Mora HS
Aniceto Chavez Mora HS
Donika Chavez Mora HS
Eloy Roybal Mora HS
Emily Mendoza Mora HS
Javier Branch Mora HS
Jesselle Gold Mora HS
Lorenzo Vigil Mora HS
Luzia Manuel Mora HS
Mariah Garza Mora HS
Joel Sandoval nexGen Academy
Darian Tirado Onate HS
Joshua Kirkland Onate HS
Patrick Hereford Onate HS
Alysha Guss Portales HS
Angel Salcido Martinez Robertson HS
Angelique Evans Robertson HS
Britney Cordova Robertson HS
Jeri Martinez Robertson HS
Elizabeth Carrillo Roswell HS
Keith Lucero Roswell HS
Perla Lopez Roswell HS
Alejandra Esparza Ruidoso HS
Breck Gavin Ruidoso HS
Brennam Stewart Ruidoso HS
Brianna Douds Ruidoso HS
Grady Woodul Ruidoso HS
Ian McClure Ruidoso HS
Isaiah Otero Ruidoso HS
Jay Espinosa Ruidoso HS
Joshua Mader Ruidoso HS
Aislyn Trujillo Santa Rosa HS
Christine Shank Santa Rosa HS
Dominica Chavez Santa Rosa HS
Jadyn Romero Santa Rosa HS
Jankie Patel Santa Rosa HS
Kaitlyn Marquez Santa Rosa HS
Lenora Urioste Santa Rosa HS
Mikayla Garnand Santa Rosa HS
Nicolette Gonzales Santa Rosa HS
Sarah Shank Santa Rosa HS
Jose Martinez Valencia HS
Jose Velazquez Valencia HS
Esperanza Rodriguez Valley HS
Izaac Pacheco Valley HS
Jamie Vargas Valley HS
Jesus-Maria (Maria) Perez Valley HS
Oluwasegun (Segun) Oyeku Valley HS
Sarah Aries Valley HS
Brandon Huynh Van Buren MS/Highland HS
Beatrice Armijo West Las Vegas HS
Carlos Gonzales West Las Vegas HS
Cashandra Cervantes West Las Vegas HS
Christopher Lovato West Las Vegas HS
Karl Bazan West Las Vegas HS
Kevin Dominguez West Las Vegas HS
Maribella Duran West Las Vegas HS
Milena Lujan West Las Vegas HS
Esperanza Kennedy West Las Vegas HS
Mitzy Magana West Mesa HS


Upcoming NM MESA Events

No details about upcoming events at this time; please check back soon!


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