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Central Inner schools get financed!

Bass Fiddle info

Students from Albuquerque High School created this great build and presentation for the bass fiddle!

Jan 29, 2018 –

NM MESA’s Central Inner schools kicked off a series of STEAM competition rallies along the middle Rio Grande valley!  [STEAM = science, technology, engineering, ART and mathematics]  Students from participating schools attended the student conference at the Rio Grande Nature Center (RGNC) in Albuquerque’s near north valley.  The site hosted space for multiple schools to attend, create and present their innovative ideas during a Metal Earth® build.

Each school arrived at the nature center at 9:30 am and by 1:30 pm left, each day one school took home $100 dollars to use for their MESA program as the students and teacher(s) agreed.  To enter the raffle to win the coveted $100 dollars student teams of 3-4 peer selected the best STEM and STEAM build and associated 14 x 22 inch presentation board.  In addition, MESA teachers determined the “best teamwork” winners.  With historical style, all MESA students showed excellent collaboration, positive attitudes and respect for the space, each other and their creative capacities!

Central Inner rallies will continue into February at the UNM Valencia campus.  See our Central Inner (CI) Rally page here.  Congratulations to all students and schools that have participated so far.  Currently, our $100 winning schools include: Del Norte HS, Kennedy MS & Valley HS!  You can see more images on our public Instagram account: mesanewmexico, linked here.

Students from Kennedy Middle School show the teamwork it takes to bring home $100!


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