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thru December 2019 CI: Elegoo tinker playshop

Full STEAM ahead!

Each MESA Central Inner (CI) school is invited to host 15 students on their campus for a regional Elegoo tinker playshop!

Each tinker playshop is sponsored by Facebook and will consist of…

  • STEM Elegoo Tinker time
    • 3 students per Elegoo tinker team
    • all microprocessors and tinkering materials provided (please have your MESA toolkit and additional items out)
    • students that participate for the full 1-2 hour workshop will be awarded Workshop (3 points) & Leadership credit (5 points) in MIMS
    • computer/laptop details… tbd on a school by school basis

Flexible agenda examples: 1-2 hours needed

9:00 am start time: introductions to people & Elegoo Super Starter kits
9:10-9:50  workshop tinker time
9:50-10 conclusions and gallery share
10:00 am release with math snack in hand
2:30 pm start time: introductions to people & kits
2:45-3:30 workshop tinker time
3:30-3:40 math snacks break
3:40-4:20 workshop tinker time
4:15-4:30 conclusions and gallery share
4:30 pm release
Can one school get two workshop dates…?  YES!
Will that school get double the kits…?  No.

Location: hosted on your campus!

Campus needs:

  1. space without multiple interruptions
  2. your time and oversight
  3. guest wifi password
  4. space with electricity outlets
  5. 5 -15 innovative MESA students 

Relevant 2019 NM Computer Science legislation: 


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