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Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, this event is currently CANCELLED. Please see our News Section for current updated notices.

In addition, the MESA USA 2020 National Competition is also CANCELLED. 


For 2020, the MESA USA Event will be held the day prior to the MESA Day Competition as part of New Mexico MESA’s Competition Series. For full rules on either MESA Day or MESA USA please consult the required handbooks. This addendum serves as the official New Mexico Specific Logistics Guide that is to be used in tandem with the National MESA USA Handbook. All rules and guidelines detailed in the National Handbook are to be followed for the competition. This document will only contain information not included in the National Handbook.

COMPETITION OVERVIEW: The 2019-2020 MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition Performance General Specifications for the Arduino-based Solutions for Humans challenge are as follows:

The competition asks students to use a Human-Centered Design approach to develop an Arduino based solution to a client’s need. The competition will consist of the following components:

  1. Technical Presentation & Interview – The objective is to provide an overview of the prototype functionality including a technical explanation of the mechanical operations, software operations, and integration of the two. Students will prepare a short presentation and demonstration of the functionality of the prototype followed by a question and answer session with judges.
  2. Poster & Symposium – The objective is to provide an overview of their project, highlighting key points of the design process including relevant data, presenting the resulting prototype, and share conclusions and recommendations for further development. Students will prepare a printed academic poster, which will be used during a public poster symposium to provide an easily understood overview of the project and the prototype.
  3. Project Report – The objective is to provide an overview of the design process and demonstrate team’s effective use of the Engineering Design Process. Students will write a 5-10 page report that contains their problem statement, summary of the design process, and description of resulting prototype supported by pictures, charts, tables, and/or graphs. The report should be a journey through the design process and demonstrate key points of the process and why design choices were made. The report must have an appendix.
  4. Prototype Pitch – The objective is to convince investors or management that the design meets the client’s needs, is superior to other options available, and has business value as a product. Students will prepare a creative, engaging presentation to pitch their prototype to an audience, including a group of judges. The presentation should define the problem; provide a detailed description of their client and their needs; discuss current solutions to the problem and their weaknesses; provide a demonstration of their prototype highlighting its advantages, and demonstrate the business value of the product including a market analysis and marketing plan.

 The 2019-2020 Theme for New Mexico MESA is Energy.  All projects MUST relate to Energy.

Attendance and Qualification

Please use the table below to determine the number of teams your school can bring.

MESA Day Track
20 – 39 profiles Max number of teams = 1
40+ profiles Max number of teams = 2
79+ profiles Max number of teams = 3
20+ profiles Max number of teams = 3

MESA USA Team Check In Documents

For credit submit to anita@nmmesa.org, FAX: 877-464-6642

MESA USA Important Information

MESA USA Dates and Deadlines

  • MESA USA Submittal Deadline: February 28, 2020 @ 5pm
    • Deadline to enter students in MIMS (A-2) and to submit A-1’s to Regional Coordinator for Competition eligibility.
    • Regional Coordinator Inspections
    • Submit USA Items-Project Report
    • On Line Registration (Once Available)
    • Team/School Information
    • Transportation Request
    • MESA Day Competition Information
  • MESA USA Competition: March 24, 2020
  • MESA Day Competition: March 25, 2020
  • Competition Final Scoring and Awards LIVE Announcement: March 26, 2020