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March 25, 2020 NM MESA Day 2020

U.S. energy consumption (2018)

The NM MESA, Inc., Annual Statewide Math and Science “MESA DAY” is designed to encourage the concept of problem solving through teamwork.  It salutes NM MESA students for their commitment to academic excellence and reinforces the NM MESA mission of preparing students from historically underrepresented ethnic groups for college majors and careers in math, engineering and science. In keeping with our mission, advisors are encouraged to assemble teams that are representative of the ethnic and gender diversity of their school and MESA enrollment.

COMPETITION OVERVIEW:  According to the National Science Foundation INFEWS Program, “Humanity depends upon the Earth’s physical resources and natural systems for food, energy, and water (FEW).  However, both the physical resources and the FEW systems are under increasing stress. It is becoming imperative that we determine how society can best integrate social, ecological, physical and built environments to provide for growing demand for food, energy and water in the short term while also maintaining appropriate ecosystem services for the future.  Known stressors in FEW systems include governance challenges, population growth and migration, land use change, climate variability, and uneven resource distribution. The interconnections and interdependencies associated with the FEW Nexus pose research grand challenges. To meet these grand challenges, there is a critical need for research that enables new means of adapting societal use of FEW systems”

All of our events will address the topic of Energy as a Grand Challenge.  NM MESA schools are invited to participate in our MESA Day as follows:

      • On Site Science-Energy Science Escape
      • On Site Math-Watts Up? Calculating Energy Efficiency
      • Prepared Design-Living Off the Grid: Build a Smart House
      • On Site Engineering-Generating Energy

ATTENDANCE & QUALIFICATION:  Please use the table below to determine the number of teams your school can bring.

MESA Day Track
20 – 39 profiles
Max number of teams = 1
40+ profiles
Max number of teams = 2
79+ profiles
Max number of teams = 3
20+ profiles
Max number of teams = 3

MESA Day Important Information:

  • 2020 MESA Day Handbook
  • 2020 Frequently Asked Questions Document-Posted Once Available
    • This document is intended to clarify any information pertaining to the upcoming MESA Day/Region Design events.  This document also acts as an addendum to the MESA Day Handbook and will be followed at each competition.

MESA Day Dates and Deadlines:

  • MESA Day Submittal Deadline-February 28, 2020 @ 5PM
    • Deadline to enter students in MIMS (A-2) and to submit A-1’s to Regional Coordinator for MESA Day eligibility.
    • Regional Coordinator Inspections
    • Submit USA Items-Project Report
    • On Line Registration (Once Available)
    • Team/School Information
    • Transportation Request
    • MESA Day Leadership Council Nomination
  • MESA USA Competition: March 24, 2020
  • MESA Day Competition: March 25, 2020
  • Competition Final Scoring and Awards LIVE Announcement: March 26, 2020

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