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The MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition for the 2019-2020 year was Arduino-based Solutions for Humans. It asked students to implement the Human-Centered Design approach to find a client in their community who had a need, engineer a solution for this need using Arduino as the key component, and present their solution. 

In New Mexico, we had a required theme of “Energy as a Grand Challenge”.

Due to COVID-19 our State Qualifying and National events were cancelled. We invited our MESA USA teams to share and showcase their work and achievement.  Thank you to these teams for electing to participate and highlighting the hard work and accomplishments of our MESA students.  We Celebrate You!

At Home Cell Phone Tower: The Key to Better Emergency Communication in Tohatchi, New Mexico

Tohatchi High School:

  • Chad Kee
  • Matthew Manuelito
  • Tahira Mason
  • Cypress Mike

Team Video: Click HERE

*This team was also the 2020 NM Tech Wolves Den Winner

Thermoelectric Biogenerator

Centennial High School:

  • Nishka Lahiri
  • Victoria Moore
  • Nika Mansouri Rad
  • Kendra Van Doorn

Team Video: Click HERE

D.A.S.H. : The Charging Shoe

Carlos F. Vigil Middle School:

  • Jeremy Vigil
  • Ojito Garcia
  • Bryan Almeida
  • James Valdez

Team Poster: Click HERE

For Complete 2019-2020 Handbooks and Information on the Event prior to cancellation, please visit: MESA USA Event Page