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NM MESA Students Visit NM Tech

NM MESA Students Visit NM Tech

12/06/2018 – 

Are you planning on attending college? Then now is the time to start planning a college visit to see which one is best for you! When you visit a college for the first time, it should give you a good idea of what going to school there will be like. Everything from where you will live to where you will go to class! Each college will have something different to offer, so it’s important to make a decision based on what fits you the best and where you can see yourself for the next stage of your life.

Before you visit a campus it is important to make a checklist of any questions you may have or what is important to you in a college. That will help make your final decision easier when you see how your different choices of schools compare. NM MESA created a starter template for you to use if you have any start up questions (click HERE for it). The internet is also a great resource as it can provide you with additional questions and things to consider. Finally, many schools now offer virtual tours and you can get a lot of information just from visiting a school’s website if you are not able to get on that college campus firsthand.

According to US News, these are 10 tips for an Effective College Visit:

  • Start Planning Early – As students get closer to the final year of high school, their schedules are filled trying to balance school and a social life-all while exploring potential college campuses. The more times you visit a (any) college campus, the more familiar you will be. It is never too early for exposure.
  • Visit Campuses While on Vacation – Trying to plan trips to a long list of schools can be taxing. Instead, families should take detours to visit campuses while on other trips or vacations.
  • Take Virtual Tours – Some colleges may be too far from home. There are now online services such as eCampus Tours and YourCampus360 that allow prospective students to explore a college campus from the comfort of your couch.
  • Talk to Students on Campus – Prospective students should talk to current students, and not just your tour guide, to get a clearer picture of the school’s culture.
  • Explore Academic Departments – Talk to professors or sit in on a class lecture to get a feel for the program and explore what opportunities’ would be available to you.
  • Visit a Dining Hall or Student Center – This will give you a chance to experience what it would be like to be a student at that college or university.
  • Ask About Campus Safety – Prospective students should ask about campus safety policies and explore the school’s history of on-campus incidents.
  • Get Financial Aid Information – Students should also research financial aid opportunities available and have a list of question to ask while on campus.
  • Pick Up a Student Newspaper – This will clue you into the important issues on campus and what the students care about.
  • Document Your Visit – Each campus can start to blend together; this will help create a visual index to review later.

New Mexico MESA has great partnerships with our state universities and has regional offices located at the following Colleges and Universities. Check on the link to see what those schools have to offer.