«return to news listNM MESA USA 2022 Winners Announced

04/13/2022 – 

NM MESA is proud to announce our 2022 MESA USA Competition Event Winners.  This year, our MESA USA event focused on Designing for Equity in Your Community.  Students teams participated in events as follows: 

  • Design Brief – The objective of the Design Brief is to provide a brief, non-technical overview of the entire project. 
  • Technical Presentation and Interview– The objective of the Technical Presentation and Interview is to provide an overview of the prototype functionality including a technical explanation of the mechanical operations, software operations, and integration of the two. Students will deliver a short presentation, which includes a demonstration of the functionality of the prototype, followed by a question and answer session with judges.
  • Poster and Symposium – The objective of the Poster is to provide an overview of the project, highlight key points of the design process, discuss relevant testing and data collection, present the resulting prototype, and share recommendations for further development. Students will prepare a printed academic poster, which will be used during a public poster symposium to provide an overview of the project and the prototype.
  • Prototype Pitch – The objective of the Prototype Pitch is to convince the audience that the design meets the user’s needs and has value as a product to address an issue of inequity. Students will prepare a creative, engaging presentation to pitch their prototype to an audience, including a group of judges. The presentation should define the problem; should show how they address the theme of Designing for Equity in Your Community; provide a detailed description of the user and their needs; discuss current solutions to the problem and their weaknesses; and provide a demonstration of their prototype highlighting its advantages.

We are proud of all of our student competitors and thank both our students and their teacher MESA advisors for all of their hard work and dedication.