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01/14/2020 – 

New Mexico MESA will be hosting a Professional Development Conference for their teacher advisors in Albuquerque, NM at the Embassy Suites hotel on January 21 and 22, 2020.

Eighty-five teacher/advisors have registered for this highly anticipated event. During the course of the two days, the NM MESA advisors will learn new teaching methods, enhance their teaching style, increase their STEM knowledge, and learn about new opportunities.

NM MESA strives to excel by providing highly-interactive breakout sessions in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). Areas of emphasis are: Curious About Energy?; Engineering in the NM STEM Ready! Science Standards; Project Management Tools; Computer Coding and Processing; Aviation and Aeronautic Careers; Creative Coding; Architecture; Circuit City; Arduino 101; Dumpster Dive with STEM and TI Technology; New Advisor Mid Year Check-in; Agricultural lessons and Hands-on Activities; On-site Competition; Fun with Sphero-Mini; Journey 2050 Ag Resources; UNM STEM-H Programs; NMSU College of Engineering Programs; Innoventure Challenge Program; Science Olympiad Program; and more.

“I can’t wait to go to PDC next week, meet fellow colleagues and learn more about MESA, and how to do more MESA activities!” says Ricardo Sierra, a middle school teacher and MESA advisor from Gadsden MS.

We appreciate our partners who extended their expertise and collaboration for our workshop sessions. They are: New Mexico Public Education Department; University of New Mexico STEM-Health Center; Eastern New Mexico University Roswell Aviation; Explora Museum; New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom; New Mexico State University College of Engineering; and New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center. In addition, other organizations will showcase their programs during a partner open house.

NM MESA’s Statewide PDC is always a great opportunity for members of MESA’s extensive network across the state to get together and share inspirational ideas about the best ways to bring exciting learning to our students. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to re-connect with each other as proud MESA educators!” says NM MESA North Central Regional Coordinator, Nicholas Kunz.

A special thank you to those advisors that served on our MESA PDC teacher panel!