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08/03/2018 – 

Central Inner (CI) educators revived the new school year at the UNM main campus, College of Education this week. Celebrating the summer and their soon to be classrooms full of students, teachers renewed connections across our professional network, went on an old school library quest to UNM’s Parish Library and created a tool that displays the art of pedagogy!

Our teachers reviewed the important STEM education dates of our region, made a metric sword and navigated UNM’s main campus… a difficult task for any professional. With FOOD as our NM MESA theme this year, our Student Union Building (SUB) break was a welcome stretch, walk and refuel that was right on topic. We also covered the basics of MIMS and MESA school expectations in the camaraderie of a professional learning atmosphere. Please visit our CI regional page and IMPORTANT DATES & ACTIVITIES page to link in to our MESA activities and events.