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CS4NM: MESA takes on Arduino

MESA educators rock out their Arduino suntracker builds!

MESA educators rock out their Arduino suntracker builds with innovation and delight!

Jun 12, 2018 –

With the help of Dr. Steve Cox and his two mentor students from Northern NM College, MESA regional coordinators and teachers got an awesome week of Ardunio professional development (PD).  Nearly 200 teachers from across the state dispersed into several strands of Computer Science workshops June 4-8th.  Organized by Paige Prescott and sponsored by multiple partners, the Computer Science event is the first annual.  Session strands included CS4All, Project GUTS and other CS curriculum.

MESA staff and teachers worked to finalize a suntracker that was coded by Arduino and powered by solar.  Other exciting highlights of the workshop included a 3D print and playtime with a Elegoo Super Starter Kit.  Additional workshop products, suntracker construction manual and details can be found here.


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