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MESA student learn about the land!

MESA student learn about the land!

11/09/2017 – 

Students from the north and southwestern regions of NM MESA did a pre-trip visit to the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park before continuing onto New Mexico State University (NMSU) for the MESA Agricultural Day festivities.

Students interacted with Nature Park staff and learned about the dynamic interactions of life in the Jornada Basin desert ecosystem.  You can learn more about the Park and their educational hosts, the Asombro Institute, by visiting their website: http://asombro.org/naturepark.htm 

You can also get free 6-12th grade climate curriculum on their website. The Asombro Institute has partnered with the USDA Southwest Regional Climate Hub to create an engaging, fun, and scientifically rigorous education unit for 6-12th grade students. It is aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

From the USDA curriculum website…

Education Curriculum on Climate Change in the Schools

Increased temperatures and altered precipitation throughout the Southwest will result in water becoming even scarcer in many locations and could impact crop productivity and food security. We partnered with the Asombro Institute for Science Education to design engaging, fun, and scientifically rigorous education units aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. These units are freely available and intended for use by anyone, especially educators of 6-12 grade students. The units consist of several activities each. Each activity can also stand alone, and the units need not be completed in their entirety.  The curriculum is free to download.