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03/10/2020 – 

Hello All SIFT Students, Parents, and Advisors-

As promised, we have been following the current news and information regarding COVID-19.  Our main focus is and always will be the well-being of our MESA students, advisors and staff.

With that in mind, the 2020 NM MESA Senior Incentive Field Trip scheduled for April 7-10, 2020 to Miami, Florida has been officially cancelled.  We feel this is in the best interest to comply with current school travel restrictions and to safeguard against the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Per the last NM MESA official statement (sent via email on 3/5/2020)

“If the trip is cancelled:

  • Refunds will be made AS ABLE up to the submitted amount based upon what refunds NM MESA is able to recover.  Refunds may come in the form of a travel voucher (Southwest Airlines, Hilton Property) or payment back to issuing institution (PO, Donation). 
  • If there was an official declaration, we would be able to recover payments made on your behalf and they will be returned to you. They may be in the form of a travel voucher or similar.  
  • Refunds may be delayed based upon the time it takes for MESA to recover funds.”

NM MESA will work on attempting to collect refunds immediately.  If NM MESA IS ABLE to recover funds from contract payments:

  • A full refund will be made to the issuer (school, personal, company, etc) OR
  • Depending on the situation in the upcoming month, an attempt may be made to reschedule to trip later in the school year/summer. At that point, all attendees will have the opportunity to decline and receive a refund or accept and participate with submittal of the same agreed upon fees.

If NM MESA IS UNABLE to recover funds from contract payments:

  • We will, in good faith, look into replacement of deposit funds (the 1st half of payment) as best as able with a possible loss to NM MESA, Inc.   
  • If anyone has submitted their 2nd half of payment early, that will be refunded in full regardless of any money returned to NM MESA, Inc.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.  If you have not submitted your final payment, please do not.  We will be in touch soon with further information.  Thank you.