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NM MESA Statewide Events

AMP Conference

The AMP (Alliance for Minority Participation) Conference is held annually on the NMSU campus in Las Cruces in October.  It is an excellent opportunity for the juniors and seniors in your program to interact with outstanding professionals and attend quality college level workshops and research presentations.  The AMP Conference is a statewide high school leadership activity and will involve aspects of a professional conference, i.e., workshops, presentations and seminars, etc.

NM Tech Field Trip

Each year, NM MESA provides a fieldtrip to NM Tech to visit the campus and get information about attendance.  In addition, programs are typically arranged with various departments around campus to engage students in demonstrations and interactive programs.  Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to attend.

NMHU College Night

The New Mexico Highlands University College Night is a great opportunity for attendees to visit with staff and faculty at NMHU and explore the wonderful campus located in Las Vegas, NM.  There is time arranged for students to meet with the individual departments and there will be insightful presentations on all things needed to prepare for college.  NM MESA has partnered with NMHU to extend an extremely rewarding experience to all NM MESA students.  The NM MESA portion of the day is in addition to the general College Night program.

Senior Incentive Field Trip

Each year NM MESA selects its top seniors to attend a multi-day incentive fieldtrip.  Locations have included Orlando, Florida; Silicon Valley, California; Houston, Texas and surrounding areas; and New York, New York.  Students are selected based upon participation in the MESA program and their academic performance.  During the trip, students get to experience “once in a lifetime” opportunities with an educational twist.


Past MESA Day event and results pages

The NM MESA Day is our annual academic competition in which students from across the state participate in the arranged academic events.  A handbook is created annually which details out the current year’s events and programs.  Events are Math, Science, Engineering, or Technology based.  School programs are encouraged to design programming around the yearly theme of the event.

Video from the 2015 MESA Day for Middle schools


NM MESA USA is our state’s qualifying event for the National MESA USA Engineering Competition.  Student teams create a multi-purpose engineering project and are required to submit an accompanying technical paper, create an academic display, and conduct an oral presentation.  Winning teams from our state competition represent NM MESA at the National Competition.  This is a yearlong project for school teams with accompanying presentations, webinars, and assistance.

Legislative Field Trip

The legislative field trip is a chance for students to experience the legislative process and see state government in action.  A learning experience for all involved, it is also an excellent opportunity for NM MESA to showcase its program.  Attendees will act as ambassadors for NM MESA and may testify before members of the legislature. Legislative activities will help NM MESA continue its mission of preparing middle and high school students for college majors and careers in mathematics, engineering and science.


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