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Monday playshops running from through November 27th, 2017 UNM Valencia Arduino playshops

UNM Valencia

Arduino playshops at the UNM Valencia campus have been organized by UNM Valencia staff - thank you!

Los Lunas, Valencia and Belen schools will get the chance to Arduino it up with UNM Valencia professionals this semester.  Playshop dates start Monday, Sept. 11th and go through November.  Each MESA middle and high school will get the opportunity for 2 workshops!  Max number of 24 students per trip.  Thank you to the UNM Valencia campus team for making these opportunities possible!  🙂

Location: AS 126 (Arts & Sciences computer lab)


9:30 arrival on campus

9:30 UNM Valencia Admissions (STEM focus) tour with Mr. Danny Bustos

10:15 Arduino playshop with Professor Annette Hatch

12:00’ish-1:00 LUNCH (not provided); ** admission information table will be in the cafeteria

1:00 depart

  • see the cafeteria menu here
  • see the campus map here
  • all playshop materials, coding supplies & computers will be provided by UNM Valencia!
  • there will is a 10 question survey monkey linked below for involved participants to provide feedback…
  • students should be assigned workshop, speaker & fieldtrip credit in MIMS for attending!


Date of playshop School(s) sign-up
Sept. 11th Belen MS #1
Sept. 18th Belen MS #2
Sept. 25th Los Lunas HS
Oct. 2nd Centennial High School (R. Cole)
Oct. 9th** CI educators & advanced arduino students only (8-12th).
Oct. 16th Valencia MS #1
Oct. 30th Valencia MS #2
Nov. 6th Valencia HS
Nov. 13th Belen HS a

** Monday, Oct. 9th (Columbus Day): participants must sign up with Kim prior to the event and provide their own transportation!  Albuquerque teachers will recieve a $25 stipend to help with mileage expenses.


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