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STEAM art!

artist: katie carillo

Attention artists!  In the spirit of our 40th anniversary and STEM competition, each NM MESA region will host a STEAM sticker art contest!

There will be two student categories of contest per region:

  1. new NM MESA logo
  2. MESA @ your school (highlighting your school mascot and/or school colors)

Two winners per category will be identified; one 1st place selection and one runner up selection.

  • 1st place => 200 stickers & a $25 gift card
  • runner up => 100 stickers & $15 gift card

All regional 1st place winners will advance to a statewide competition finale.  Statewide 1st place selection in both categories will get an additional 200 stickers printed & another $25 gift card!  The MESA team (Regional Cooridnators, Deputy Director & Executive Director) will judge the final round.

There will be two additional statewide new NM MESA logo categories for the 18 and over crowd:

  1. NM MESA alumni – be sure to identify your former MESA school(s), years of engagment & Advisor(s)
  2. NM MESA person – this can be a MESA Advisor, Principal, Superindendent, Parent, Business Manager, Transportation Specialist… anyone that signs MESA related paperwork

Statewide 18 and over winners in the logo categories will get 200 stickers printed & a $25 gift card!  The MESA team (Regional Cooridnators, Deputy Director & Executive Director) will judge these rounds as well.  Board members, NM MESA Advisors, NM MESA alumni, MESA USA partners and/or additional community members may be asked to weigh in on final decisions.

How to submit your art: Share the highest quality image of your art that you can via email to your regional coordinator (RC) by Thursday, December 1st at 1 pm.  If you are unsure of who your regional coordinator is, ask your MESA Advisor or scroll through our regional webpages to find your school.

All submittees agree that their art may be on public display through various NM MESA and/or MESA USA channels and products (website, social media, t-shirts, hats, etc.).

Deadline: Thursday, December 1st @ 1 pm. 

** learn more about New Mexican artist katie carillo here.