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Desafio De Huevo-Egg Drop

Our Northern regional partnership with Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge and New Mexico Highlands Univerisity continues strong even during a pandemic! The “STEM Showdown” event was adapted to bring STEAM enrichment to students and learn about Rio Mora National Wild Life Refuge through distanced projects! 

Now, we have Rio Mora STEAMgo, and the first interactive module has been released to Advisors and students; all information was sent via email from the Regional Coordinator. MESA Advisors will receive an email with registration details and deadlines. The Regional Coordinator (RC) will work directly with Advisors to coordinate educational supply deliveries to students for the project. 

STEAMgo Module 1 for Middle School is for grades 6-8th, and it is an engineering challenge that can be completed independently by students in a virtual classroom setting. The module content aligns with NM STEM Ready Science Standards. Also, it is:

  • 5-part unit- scaffold instruction to allow for skill building
  • Assumes a 50 minute class time (virtual or in-person)
  • Students will receive most supplies for the project, except for some that the student will need to have on their own.
    • The Teacher’s Guide has been emailed to all advisors; if you cannot find it, please email the RC. 

See the perks for students who participate below!

 Student Perks:

  • Students will receive three types of  MIMS credits:
    • Field Trip (Academic field experience)- 5 points (at project completion)
    • Leadership- 5 points (at project completion)
    • Student Meeting- 1 point (each time there is a meeting) This project could take one day or five days or more depending on the Advisor’s approach to the project. Students will get as many points as they have meetings about the project within the release date and completion due date period. 
  • Competition: There will be a competition component for the project, and students can win prizes! 

Registration is Due Friday, November 13th, 2020. 

This will be a great learning experience for all students!