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NM MESA is proud to announce our 2023 MESA Day Competition

All of our events will address the topic of “40 Years of NM MESA”.  NM MESA schools are invited to participate in our MESA Day as follows:

  • On Site Team Competition-MESA Mayhem
  • On Site Mini Competition-Let’s Get Mobile
  • On Site Mini Competition-Water Quality Investigation
  • On Site Mini Competition-Transportation Relay
  • Prepared Design-Trebuchet Throwback



  • February 1, 2023: Registration Available
  • March 10, 2023 at 5PM: Registration Deadline and Submission of Prepared Design Materials
  • April 5, 2023: MESA Day Competition (Middle and High School)
  • April 6, 2023 at 4PM: Awards Show

Full Information for our MESA Day Event is located in our 2023 MESA Day Handbook.  

ALL TEAMS:  The MESA Day competition will run like a MESA Medley.  Each team will be composed of 3-6 students. If schools have multiple teams, full team(s) of (6) members must be created and all events filled before building an additional team.  Example: Team 1 must be complete with 6 students and a Prepared Design submission before adding a Team 2.  Team 2 can then be partially complete.

All team members will work together on the Prepared Design event and the On Site Team Competition.  However, the team will break, and students will compete in individual groups of 1-2 team members for each On Site Mini Competition.  If a team has less than (6) members, they can only compete in the number of events they have team members for.  Team names MUST be declared as follows:  (School) (Level) – (Team #).  Example: Mesaville High School – Team #1

Each school is allowed to have (6) named alternates that can be used on any team. In addition, the day of MESA Day, teams may be condensed if needed to complete teams. Example: Students can be moved from Team 4 to Team 2 in the event of no shows.  It is HIGHLY suggested to identify alternates in the event a student(s) cannot attend the event.

ELIGIBILITY:  All participating teams must come from official New Mexico MESA School Programs. Schools must be considered official, and advisors must enter/submit all A-0 forms by 5 PM MST, Friday, March 10, 2023.  Only the students listed on the school roster (have their A-0 submitted) will be eligible to participate.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

ATTENDANCE AND QUALIFICATION:  All schools will be allowed to participate in MESA Day as follows.  Please use the table to determine the number of teams your school can bring.


MESA Day Competition

Small School: <=25 profiles

Max number of teams=2

Medium School: >=26 and <=45 profiles

Max number of teams=3

Large School: >=46 and <=69 profiles

Max number of teams=5

Extra Large School: >=70 profiles

Max number of teams=7

COVID POLICY: All events are expected to be completed in person (besides the Prepared Design).  If an individual student cannot attend due to a quarantine requirement, a named alternate may take their place. If an entire team is unable to attend due to school closure or quarantine, then the program will not be able to compete in the on-site events and a makeup will not be arranged.

This event will follow current CDC guidelines which could include wearing masks indoors, recommended distancing, required sanitation, etc.  More information will come on the exact requirements closer to the event. NM MESA also reserves the right to modify this event as needed to meet current requirements.



DISQUALIFICATION:  Individual event teams can be disqualified for the following:

  • Any team member not having an A0 on record
  • Anyone else completing or helping with task that is not the registered student
  • Prohibited advisor, parent, or other “outside” assistance in events
  • Lead judge disqualifies an event team for not following event guidelines
  • Unauthorized use of cell phones during event(s) to include phone calls, internet, and/or texts
  • An event team is found to have violated event guidelines after competition has concluded
  • General inappropriate behavior at any time during the competition
  • If after competition is concluded, it is found that any team violated rules or requirements for any event, they may be disqualified from competition and will forfeit any qualification or placement spots they may have earned.


Food: Lunch will be provided to competing students and official school advisor(s). Students are NOT to leave the Albuquerque Convention Center Area.  The Convention Center will have adequate vendor set ups that will have general breakfast, snack, and lunch concession items.  Due to Convention Center Regulations, NO OUTSIDE FOOD may be eaten inside of the Convention Center. 

Note: As a courtesy, they have allowed us to keep food in the ACC (coolers, bags, boxes, etc.), BUT you must not eat outside food within ANY area of the Albuquerque Convention Center. There are to be no unattended students leaving the inside of the Convention Center and no students are to be left alone inside if your group splits.

 Lodging: Lodging will not be provided for participants in the MESA Day Event.

Transportation: Transportation will be provided according to the current NM MESA Transportation Policy and reasonable bus-pooling will be expected with other schools from their district and/or area schools.  If a school district has specific requirements that NM MESA is unable to accommodate, they will be responsible for financial assistance with transportation.  Smaller vehicles and/or suburban use is recommended for smaller teams.

Closer to the event, final instructions will be provided for bus loading/unloading and vehicle parking for school vehicles transporting students.


Closer to the event, advisors will be sent a final spreadsheet of registered attendees.  The morning of the event, advisors will be asked to submit any modifications during event check in.

Information You Will Need Per School Registration:

  • How many teams you are bringing (and eligible for)
  • Unique Email Address
  • School Name, Level (HS or MS), Region
  • Advisor Information and Contact information (phone, email, mailing address)
  • Student Names and Assigned Event
  • Up to (6) Alternates Per School
  • Transportation Information (In Lieu of a B4)
    • Vendor Name, Email, Address
    • Amount of Transportation
  • Any specific team requests and/or information

 Regional Coordinator Inspection:

  • By the Registration Deadline, RC’s will meet with each school (virtual or in person) and evaluate their prepared design(s) and team(s) readiness.
  • Regional Coordinators will work with school teams to determine transportation once they are approved to attend. Final transportation request will be submitted at registration.
  • Minimum requirement will need to be met for each team and will determine eligible teams for MESA Day.