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As of February, 2022 our event has changed to a hybrid event.  All on site events will be conducted virtually. The Prepared Design Prototype interviews will have an in person and virtual option. See event specifics in the revised MESA Day handbook.

NM MESA is proud to announce our 2022 MESA Day Competition

All of our events will address the topic of Celebrating Invention. NM MESA schools are invited to participate in our MESA Day as follows:

  • On Site Science-Invention Station Quest (Virtual)
  • On Site Math-New Mexico Math (Virtual)
  • On Site Art Achievement-Artistic Invention (Virtual)
  • On Site Engineering-Music and Machine Motion (Virtual)
  • Prepared Design-IDEA Challenge, Solutions for Educators (In Person and Virtual Option)



  • February 11, 2022: Registration Available
  • March 11, 2022 at 5PM: Registration Deadline and Submission of Prepared Design Materials
  • April 6, 2022: Prepared Design Interviews
  • April 7: High School MESA Day Competition
  • April 8: Middle School MESA Day Competition
  • April 11, 2022: Awards Day
    • Prepared Design and OS Art Submissions Available for Student/Advisor Viewing 
    • Awards Presentation at 6:00 PM MST

Full Information for our MESA Day Event is located in our 2022 MESA Day Handbook.  

ALL TEAMS:  The MESA Day competition will run like a MESA Medley.  Each team will be composed of 2-4 students. If schools have multiple teams, full team(s) of (4) members must be created and all events filled before building an additional team.  Example: Team 1 must be complete with 4 students and a Prepared Design submission before adding a Team 2.  Team 2 can then be partially complete.

All team members will work together on the Prepared Design event.  However, students will compete individually in their assigned event.  If a team has less than (4) members, they can only compete in the number of events they have team members for.  Team names MUST be declared as follows:  (School) (Level) – (Team #).  Example: Mesaville High School – Team #1

 Each school is allowed to have (4) named alternates that can be used on any team. In addition, the day of MESA Day, teams may be condensed if needed to complete teams. Example: Students can be moved from Team 4 to Team 2 in the event of no shows.  It is HIGHLY suggested to identify alternates in the event a student(s) cannot attend the event.

ELIGIBILITY:  All participating teams must come from official New Mexico MESA School Programs. Schools must be considered official, and advisors must enter all profiles (A-2’s) and submit all A-1’s to their Regional Coordinator’s Office by 5 PM MST, Friday, March 11, 2022.  Only the students listed on the roster (have their A-2 submitted and have their A-1’s submitted) will be eligible to participate.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

ATTENDANCE AND QUALIFICATION:  All schools will be allowed to participate in MESA Day as follows.  Please use the table to determine the number of teams your school can bring.

MESA Day Competition

Small School: <= 30 profiles

Max number of teams=2

Large School: >=31 and <=69 profiles

Max number of teams=4

Extra Large School: >=70 profiles

Max number of teams=6

COVID POLICY: The only event held in person will be the Prepared Design Interviews. A team must select if they will be in person or virtual for this component at registration.  The entire team is required to participate in the same chosen format (all team virtual or all team in person).  If needed, a team can move from in person to virtual due to change in school requirements.  But, due to the timing needed for transportation and meals, a team may not change from virtual to in person. If team(s) require transportation, any cancellations need to be done with adequate time in accordance with policies to avoid a no-show charge with the arranged transportation company.

If an individual student cannot attend (virtually or in person) for any reason, a named alternate may take their place. If an entire team is unable to compete for any reason (virtually or in person), makeup events will not be arranged. If they submitted items at registration, the team’s prepared design will still be included in that event for consideration and an “Other Competition Credit” in MIMS.

The in-person portion will be held in a way to minimize contact with large groups of people (see agenda) and schools will be assigned a time slot to appear. This event will follow current CDC guidelines which could include wearing masks indoors, recommended distancing, required sanitation, etc.  All individuals attending in person will be required to submit a signed Covid Release Waiver upon arrival (parent/guardian and individual signatures). More information will come on the exact requirements closer to the event.


Food: (1) meal voucher will be provided per competing student and school advisor for those competing in person.  Exact location to be determined but will be a voucher for a meal at an Albuquerque local eatery within a pre-arranged menu. Because schools will be shifted in attendance, meals will be available for lunch or dinner depending on your individual school schedule. No other meals will be provided.

Lodging: Lodging will not be provided for participants in the MESA Day Event. Lodging is provided for competing MESA USA students (see the MESA USA manual for specifics) which will run consecutively. But is arranged independently.

Transportation: Transportation will be provided according to the current NM MESA Transportation Policy and reasonable bus-pooling may be expected with other schools from their district and/or area schools.  If a school district has specific requirements that NM MESA is unable to accommodate, they may be responsible for financial assistance with transportation.  Smaller vehicles and/or suburban use is recommended for smaller teams.

Agenda: All middle school events will be held on April 8 and all high school events will be held on April 7.  All prepared design interviews will be scheduled on April 6.  Final time slot assignments for the Prepared Design interviews will be provided by March 14, 2022. Consideration will be given to accommodate travel logistics as best as able in scheduling for Prepared Design Interviews.  

STATEWIDE OFFICE MIMS CREDIT:  Students that submit items at the initial registration deadline will receive an “Other Competition” Participation Credit in MIMS. Students that compete in the live MESA Day Event will receive an additional MESA Day Participation Credit in MIMS.

MESA DAY REGISTRATION: This is required for any team wanting to attend MESA Day.  All registration and submittal of materials will be done via the Cvent System with a direct link on the MESA Day Event Page on the NM MESA Website.  ALL REGISTRATION WILL NEED TO BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY BY FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022 at 5PM

 Information You Will Need Per School Registration:

  • How many teams you are bringing (and eligible for)
  • Are you participating in Prepared Design Interview? In person or virtual choice?
  • Ranking for Attendance Shift and any Reasoning for Assignment
  • What students are doing what event?
  • Unique Email Address
  • School Name, Level (HS or MS), Region
  • Advisor Information and Contact information (phone, email, mailing address)
    • All needed packets for onsite event completion will be delivered/mailed to the given mailing address prior to the event by the Regional Coordinator.
  • Student Names and Assigned Event.
    • NOTE: There have been problems with student school emails accepting emails from the nmmesa.org domain. ENSURE that there is a good email as direct contact will be made to the competing student(s) by the Event Coordinators as needed.
  • (4) Alternates Per School.
  • Any specific team requests and/or information

 Team Submittals You Will Need to Upload Per Team in School Registration:

  • Prepared Design materials as listed below are required for participation in MESA Day.
  • User Profile Template:
    • MUST be submitted in Portable Document Format (.PDF) as (1) Document.
  • Project Video Link:
    • Must be accessible for public view in YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar format. Ensure access before submitting.