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MESA Buddies Promotion

MESA Buddies is a mentor program in which a MESA high school collaborates with a local elementary classroom (grades 2-5) to provide supplemental STEAM instruction and mentorship. Below you will find all needed materials to apply for a Spring 2022 MESA Buddies Program.  Please read all eligibility and course requirements carefully. It is the responsibility of the applying teacher/program to recruit a partner elementary classroom and secure administrator approval.

Application Materials:

Program Information:

MESA Buddies Program Requirements:

  • A high school program with at least 10 participating MESA students.
  • All participating high school students are required to have an A-2 and A-1 completed and submitted.
  • A partner elementary classroom (grades 2-5) in the same school district with at least 15 participating students.
  • All participating elementary students will be required to submit an online parent authorization form.
    • Available HERE and as a Resource when accepted into the program. 
  • Each session should have a preferred 1:2 (High School:Elementary) student ratio. High School student(s) will receive a leadership credit each session (entered by the high school advisor).
  • A commitment to host at minimum 10 lessons (provided) either in person hybrid or virtual.
  • A commitment to coordinate any material distribution. All materials for the given lessons will be provided to you.  If needed, items may need to be arranged into student packs and picked up for use during the program.
  • 4 programs will be awarded in the North/North Central Los Alamos National Laboratory support area. 4 programs will be awarded throughout the rest of the state.
  • Each course will be allowed up to $250 for additional supplies, end of year event, transportation, or any program specific needs/requests.

If accepted as a MESA Buddies Program:

  • An acceptance packet will be sent with:
    • Instructor contract.
    • A roster template for both high school and elementary students.
    • A general course calendar template.
    • An optional budget form (for the additional $250).
    • A final report template.
  • A site visit will be conducted (virtual or in person TBD).
  • A full activity guide and materials ($650+ Value) will be provided.
  • A final report will be due upon the completion of the course.
  • Upon fulfillment of course requirements and submittal of required paperwork, the applying advisor will receive a $750.00 stipend.

MESA Buddies Selected Lessons:

All activities were selected for the ease of use in different settings. All final lesson guides and needed materials will be provided to accepted programs. Lesson guides will include activity instructions, background information needed (for high school students), investigating questions, and materials needed. Advisors will have the opportunity to select the in person/live or the virtual/hybrid curriculum. In addition, there are (5) bonus lessons available that can be switched out with an existing lesson or added to the program if desired.

MESA Buddies Important Dates and Timeline:

  • November 22, 2021 at 5PM: Applications Due via Email to anita@nmmesa.org 
  • November 24, 2021: Program Notifications Sent
  • November 29, 2021 at 3:30-5:00 PM: Orientation Meeting (Required) to review activity guide and required materials.
  • December 10, 2021: Acceptance Packet Information Due-Curriculum Choice, Roster, Calendar, Budget Request, Contract.
  • January 3, 2022 (or Earlier): Final Receipt of Materials at School Site from NM MESA (materials will be ordered upon collection of the acceptance packet information so can be sent earlier).

Instructor Application Information:

  • Application must be completed in entirety or will not be considered.  Please review and take time in completion. 
  • Grading and selection are based on:
    • Completeness, accuracy, strength, and overall quality of application
    • All requirements are met for the course: student numbers, budget, etc.
    • Support of school district and collaborating elementary program.

Projected Student Roster: Each high school must have a minimum of 10 student to commit to the program.  Students have to have the required paperwork on file: A-2 and A-1. Final students may change, but you need a minimum commitment to apply.   

Letter(s) of Support: This letter from a school administrator needs to include a commitment and the allowance of the partnership: student time, teacher time, shared classroom, etc.


Please direct any questions and submit completed application by November 22, 2021 at 5PM to:                                            

Anita Gonzales, NM MESA Deputy Director; Email: anita@nmmesa.org; Cell: 505-718-9517