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Dates: Thursday, April 28 vs. Sacremento River Cats AND Thursday, May 12 vs. Sugar Land Space Cowboys

Cost: $8/ticket total (lunch ticket for a hotdog & drink included)

  • MESA will organize & pay for all MS/HS student and teacher/adult chaperone tickets.

  • Central Inner (CI) MESA will pay for CI MS/HS busing.

Game time: 11:05 am start; re-board buses around 1:15 pm

Time with transportation: approx. 10am – 2pm’ish

MESA points awarded: Field-Trip & Workshop (if the worksheet is finished and submitted to RC)

  • Leadership credit can be assigned as recognized by the group teacher/advisor
  • STEAM curriculum highlights: the physics of baseball (ex. trajectory, margin of error), geometry of the playing field, teamwork & statistics
  • See the updated student worksheet here: Isotopes worksheet, note the Science of Hitting a Major League Fastball YouTube video [2 1/2 minutes]