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Designing for Equity

This is the burgeoning page for our NM MESA Central Inner ‘return’ to schools!  Our 2021 national competition theme is “Designing for Equity“; MESA is here to support you.

CI virtual RAM!

  1. dates: 2 hours each, please attend one

    1. Tuesday, August 11th 3:30-5:30 pm

    2. Thursday, August 13th 4:00-6:00 pm

  2. to include: $40 stipend + meal gift card

  3. agenda: RAM 8.2020 agenda

  4. B-1-ADVISOR-CONTRACT (please initial, sign & return to kim)

What can you expect from NM MESA?

  • flexibility & innovation

  • that your voice will be heard 

  • support for you, your students & your community

  • following & encouraging science-based health related best practices

Central Inner provided “back-to-school” STEM products to help inspire safe pandemic practices

  1. one NM MESA logo mask (to be mailed) & face shield for each advisor

  2. 10 disposable masks per school (gloves upon request)

  3. per MESA school:

    1. one no-contact infrared thermometer

    2. one bucket of disinfecting & cleaning wet wipes (n = 500)

    3. one gallon of hand sanitizer 
  4. Aquapod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher Science kit for each school

    1. MESA will provide a small bike pump for each CI MESA school

    2. you will need to provide a 2 liter bottle (or multiple) to shoot off
  5. STEM Starter kits for each CI MESA school (choose 2): Balloon Cars, Hydraulics, Paper Circuits & Zip-line Racers

  6. A laminated packet of Explora’s Digital STEAM Activity Cards (n = 9) for each school: Bubbles Explora State Activity CardCatapult Explora State Activity Card, Coding Explora State Activity Card, Color Mixing Explora State Activity CardEngineering Explora State Activity CardGet Out Explora State Activity CardIce Melt Explora State Activity CardStar Stories Explora State Activity Card & Thirsty Candle Explora State Activity Card

  7. Our MESA USA “Designing for Equity” challenge has broadened to include: Arduino, Microbit (Chromebook compatible/app based) & Circuit Playground (also Chromebook compatible/app based, $2.99)

Recommended STEM resources

  1. Our NM MESA STEM Grab & Go community partners STEM Resources page has 37 activities; many are in Spanish!

  2. The Pulled Spool, NSTA The Science Teacher – April/May 2020 [MESA can provide spools, contact Kim]

  3. Science Buddies: 12 Engineering Design Challenges Perfect for Remote Learning (and linked to NGSS standards)

  4. Think CERCA: Covid-19, Why we Distance

  5. Strategies for bringing nature and environmental issues into the science classroom, NSTA The Science Teacher– April/May 2020

  6. Santa Fe Community Educators Network (CEN): Distance Learning Resources for Families & Teachers

  7. MathCounts: Problem of the Week Archive

  8. STEAM HUB of Northern NM

  9. APS School Gardens: School Garden Resources for NM Teachers & Virtual Outdoor Classrooms

  10. NM Department of Game & Fish: Wildlife Curriculum