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North and Southwest Regions will be visiting the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park where Asombro Institute for Science will be hosting a field day for 90 MESA students. As a pre-assignment for the field trip, students should go through the virtual tour of the Desert Discovery Trail. A post-assignment will be posted after the trip.  If students complete both assignments and attend the trip they will receive a workshop credit.

 What will take place?

Students will be exploring the Chihuahuan Desert on a 2.0 mile nature walk and then will move on to doing two stations that will require them to do a hands-on investigation through the use of the scientific method about topics relating to the desert ecosystem. 

The following are the two selected stations for the day:

Habitat Stats

Students use scientific methods to investigate how many different kinds of arthropods are found in different habitats within the desert ecosystem. Students will conduct a complete scientific investigation including making predictions, collecting data, and sharing results.

Rain-out Shelters

Reproducing a long-term study currently being conducted on the Jornada Experimental Range, students collect data on plant density/growth, soil surface temperature, and soil moisture under shelters that block 50% of the rain and in control plots. Global climate change scenarios for our region are also discussed.

***All Field trip logistics will be directly sent to the Advisors going on the trip as it is not the same for both regions.***

More information will be added to this page as the field trip gets closer. Stay tuned.