«return to upcoming events2023 Legislative Fieldtrip and Effort

This is your opportunity to observe the legislative process and your state government in action.  A learning experience for all of us, it is also an excellent opportunity for NM MESA to showcase its program.  Legislative activities will help NM MESA continue its mission of preparing middle and high school students for college majors and careers in mathematics, engineering and science.

For 2023, there are multiple opportunities for participation…live and virtual! Read below to see the requirements for each activity.


2023 MESA Day at the Legislature:

Students from all NM MESA Regions will be selected to attend our LIVE 2023 MESA Day at the Legislature on February 13, 2023, 8:30 AM-3:00 PM


  • Transportation will be determined regionally and arranged by your Regional Coordinator.
  • Students selected must have a current A0 submitted prior to the event.
  • Selection will be done by the Regional Coordinator. Lodging and Transportation constraints may limit attendance. 


  • On Line Registration will collect all teacher and student information. So please have all information needed to complete registration including transportation information, page request, student names, etc.
    • NOTE:Student Names may be used to create attendance certificates. Last minute replacements will not be provided a certificate, as names have to be submitted ahead of time. 
  • The registration deadline is January 27, 2023 at 5PM.


Lodging will be provided for students up to (4) per room and advisors up to (2) per room the night of February 12, 2023.  A bus driver room will also be provided as required.  Lodging will be provided at the: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Santa Fe.  4048 Cerrillos Road; Santa Fe, NM 87507.  (505) 473-4646.

  • Any replacement of student(s) will need to be with student(s) of the same gender due to room and lodging assignments.
  • Each traveling region (SE, SW, WE) will have a total of (7) rooms available to accommodate students, advisor(s), and driver as needed.

Breakfast will be provided by the hotel on the day of the event for schools staying overnight. 


Students are required to abide by the legislative field trip dress code.  All attendees are required to dress-up for the legislative session in “professional” dress.  This means dress pants for men, and dress pants or appropriate length skirts/dresses for women. Appropriate dress can include khakis, uniform style pants, and/or polo shirts.  NO short skirts or dresses, jeans, or sloppy wear.  There will be lots of walking and/or standing so please dress appropriately and wear appropriate footwear (heels are not suggested if not used to them). If you are not sure about the dress code, contact your Regional Coordinator.


Select NM MESA students will get the opportunity to serve as pages or special guests.  If interested:

  • Students must submit a document containing the following with application:
    • Student biography-containing student’s name, grade, and school in document
    • Statement of interest-why you want to page and why you should be selected to page


MESA Letters of Support:

  • Sample Letter of Support
    • Letters should be sent via email to the email address listed on the NM State Legislature Website-Find My Legislator. All emails are logged with legislative staff. 
    • If a local address is available, they can be sent via USPS.  
    • Students should include their return address on each letter showing they are a constituent.
    • Additional letters can be written from parents, administrators, and former MESA Students.
  • DEADLINE for Submission: February 10, 2023
  • Current NM MESA Legislation:
      • This bill funds Public Education and Higher Education.  The majority of NM MESA’s  funding is through Higher Education with supplemental funding through Public Education, and secured through NM Tech.
  • 2023 Notable Education Legislation: Coming Soon
  • (2+) Letters are required per student for credit: (1) to your State Representative and (1) to your State Senator. To receive (1) Workshop Credit (5 Loyalty Points):
    • Regional Coordinator can be copied on letters, OR
    • Teacher will submit a list verifying completion of students to Regional Coordinator
  • Letters should be thoughtful and reflective of your experience and testimonial of the NM MESA Program.
  • You can include the 2023 NM MESA Legislative Information as needed or use facts and information from your school program.  
  • NOTE: If enough letters are written, and/or a request is made from you, a virtual visit may be arranged. If needed, you can contact MESA Staff to help set up any Zoom Sessions. 

Virtual Visit to the Roundhouse: 

  • Submittal Link for Credit: Click HERE
  • Where and How to Watch:
  • DEADLINE for Submission: March 18, 2023
  • Up to (1) Virtual Visit is allowed for (1) Fieldtrip Credit (5 Loyalty Points). Each visit/observation MUST be for a minimum of (1) Hour. Visit can be:
  • Committee Meeting Attendance:
    • Review the Committee Lists and the What’s Happening Page for a schedule of Committee times
    • Information collected in link will be: Student Information, Attendance Information, Committee Information, Participating Legislator Information, Information Discussed, Agenda Items, Decisions Made, and Reflection. 
  • House or Senate Floor Observation
    • Review the What’s Happening Page for a schedule of Senate/House convening times. NOTE: Legislators are mostly in Committee Meetings until mid-late in the session. 
    • Information collected in link will be: Student Information, Attendance Information, Participating Legislator Information, Information Discussed, Agenda Items, Decisions Made, and Reflection.
  • Virtual Visit with Legislator-Students/Advisor will Prepare Questions for Visit
    • Will need to be individually scheduled by school, Regional Coordinator, or Deputy Director. 
    • Information collected in link will be: Student Information, Attendance Information, Participating Legislator Information, Information Discussed, Agenda Items, Decisions Made, and Reflection.