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Navajo Transitional Energy Company Rocks!


Once again, the West Region was able to provide an abundance of resources all thanks to the support and contributions from the Navajo Transitional Energy Company. Nathan Tohtsoni is the Education Outreach Coordinator for NTEC and has been great supporter of NM MESA in the efforts to promote the STEM fields in the West Region. We presented Nathan with an appreciation plaque at the May Regional Advisor Meeting at the UNM Gallup Campus. MESA is undoubtedly grateful for the continued support from NTEC and their partners. For more information on the resources they provide, please visit the NTEC website.

Getting Started!

Download Arduino IDE

Galileo Firmware & Drivers

Sparkfun Redboard- FTDI Drivers Install

Elegoo Download


3D Printing!

Tinkercad: Gallery of Things

5 projects to introduce using Arduino for Object Oriented Programing:

These are created by SparkFun and can be used as guides for individual step by step lessons:

Videos! Sparkfun training videos here


Coming Soon…



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