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Monday playshops running from through November 27th, 2017UNM Valencia Arduino playshops»

Los Lunas, Valencia and Belen schools will get the chance to Arduino it up with UNM Valencia professionals this semester.  Playshop dates start Monday, Sept. 11th and go through November. […]

Thursday, November 16, 2017; 9:00 am-1:00 pmNC SFCC Fall STEAM Day»

Select schools from MESA’s North Central Region will travel to Santa Fe Community College for a fun day of outreach, tours, workshops, demonstrations and LEARNING! Students will visit the college’s […]

Friday 3, 2017; 12:00pm-4:30pmChihuahuan National Park Regional Fieldtrip»

North and Southwest Regions will be visiting the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park where Asombro Institute for Science will be hosting a field day for 90 MESA students.  As a pre-assignment […]

Tuesday, Oct. 31st 2018NMSU Engineering Scholarships for NM MESA students!»

sNMSU Engineering will be visiting New Mexico High Schools in the next few weeks.  NMSU Engineering is offering all MESA students a $1,000 scholarship just for being a MESA student! […]

Order through October...WeHelpTwo : SOCKtober»

Check out WeHelpTwo to connect students with real people around the world. Start a campaign to make twice the difference… three ways to help WeHelpTwo information page scroll to the bottom to see new […]


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