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Prosthetic Arm 2.0/2.1

Arm 2.0 staff competitionenlarge

MESA staff compete using arms they built. Click image for more picutres...

The day of the event

During MESA Day, teams will be competing in heats… please take a moment to read over how it will take place! Click here- Prosthetic Arm 2 rotation example.

Itemized Budget Sheet

Click here for an Excel Template: This template includes formulas and kit prices. This is allowed (and preferred) to be used at MESA Day as it will streamline cost for Sparkfun Materials. You must use with the Receipt Submittal Template.

Setting up Arduino to work with the MESA SparkFun Kit

Click here for Pre-load guide : Advisors can use this guide to register and configure the CodeBender application and install drivers on their laptop prior to using Arduino.

Information on Arduino code

 Video on basic Arduino coding (5 minutes)  Video on basic Arduino syntax (10 minutes)

Information on the Sparkfun Kits

5 projects to introduce using Arduino for Object Oriented Programing:

These are created by SparkFun and can be used as guides for individual step by step lessons:



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