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NM STEM Symposium with the PED, May 2015

MESA: STEM workshop population case study

MESA: STEM workshop population case study

Connecting Students & Teachers with STEM

NM MESA Regional Coordinators: Rick Cole & Kim Scheerer

STEM Culture… diversity & inclusivity

National Research Council website

Collecting, Graphing & Analyzing Data… Case Study: demographics

Worksheet: PED STEM demographics
Statistics Terms and Definitions

Data Interpretation… Case Study: population

Worksheet: PED STEM population
Nations with Highest Fertility Rates
World’s Top Problem is Overpopulation article

Data Interpretation… Case Study: climate

Worksheet: Maps Case Study – River and Maps Correlation
NM Maps

Observation, Vocabulary & Labeling…Case Study: bees & flowers

Worksheet: PED STEM bees & flowers
Dissection Guidelines – MESA workshop version

Health Science… Case Study: snack & activity

calorie burning chart #1
calorie burning chart #2

Technology on Campus… Case Study: websites that work

Systems Science… Case Study: cells & community

Worksheet: PED STEM cells & community

Symposium Presentation: PED.Connecting Student & Teachers with STEM
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