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Teams from the Southeast region shine at 2014 Electric Car Challenge

Carlsbad 6th Grade Academyenlarge

Carlsbad 6th Grade Academy 2nd place overall. Click image for more...

Dec 4, 2014 –

The Southeast region for NM MESA was very well represented at the 2014 New Mexico Middle School Electric Car Challenge. The New Mexico Middle School Electric Car Challenge (formerly the NM Hydrogen Fuels Challenge) consists of a battery-powered model car race, design competition, as well as the option to compete in an oral presentation. Building a battery-powered car requires skills in both math and science. The primary goal of the competitions is to generate enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills at a crucial stage in the development of middle school students.

Race Winners:

1st Place:  Carlsbad 6th Grade Academy – Alta Vista Campus

3rd Place:  Berrendo Middle School  –  New Advisor took over in Oct. –What a great job! This was a all girls team.

Overall Competition:

2nd Place:  – $500.00 – Carlsbad 6th Grade Academy – Alta Vista Campus


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