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Feb 3, 2014 –

News from West Mesa HS in ABQ – Kim and Antonia are senior MESA club students who will be attending SIFT this spring. 

 “This past weekend we had 3 seniors compete in the NM High Bowling Assn State Senior Tournament, each of these young ladies demonstrated the highest caliber of sportsmanship and mustang pride.  Antonia G., Kimberly M., and Melvis S, showed their class spirit with buttons, red tutus and 2014 hair bows.  

 I received numerous compliments on their professional demeanor and quick response to congratulating their fellow competitors.  Bowlers were issued additional points based on grades, years bowled, and season tournaments bowled. The top 12 students in each category advanced to the final brackets.  

 Congratulations to Antonia G. who earned a 7th place finish at the state New Mexico High School Bowling Senior Tournament this past weekend and she also earned a small college scholarship.” 

-Luisa C. 


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