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North Region Completes 2 of 5 Rallies this month!

Mora HS- Arduino Rally Activityenlarge

Dec 16, 2015 –

North Region Completes 2 out of 5 rallies this month!

The north region’s rallies are by school district, so we had 2 this month and all other 3 rallies will happen in January.  Look for updates and photos as they happen! This year’s rallies are competitive but no official scores were given for performance, although the tests did demonstrate weaknesses and strengths that will help teams to continue preparing for competition.

I am very proud of the teams and advisors from the following schools that have completed their rally this month (December):

Mora Middle School

Mora High School

Santa Rosa High School

Santa Rosa Middle School

Anton Chico Middle School

Great Job on those arm designs and your willingness to try new things at Rally.

Continue to work on your arms and be ready for inspections in January!!


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