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NO, NC and West Regions Attend NM Tech Field trip & North Region goes on Very Large Array Trip

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Dec 9, 2015 –

Once again, NM MESA provides the excellent opportunity for students to visit NM Tech campus and get information about attendance.   This year the West, North and North Central regions proudly represented MESA.  A total of 82 juniors and seniors from all regions attended and interacted in a campus tour, presentations and hands-on workshops from various departments such as: Earth & Environmental, Science, Biology, Physics, Computer Science and Admissions & Recruitment.


In addition, some North region schools: West Las Vegas, Robertson and Springer High schools attended the Very Large Array(VLA), the day before the NM Tech Trip.  At the VLA students participated in a guided tour where they learned about astronomical radio observations and had the chance to see what research at the VLA looks like.  Students also learned about the types of opportunities that the VLA offers for those interested in research, astronomy, and any related fields.


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