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NM MESA Teaches how to Teach STEAM!


MESA Advisor Mignon Penalosa from Carlos F. Vigil MS uses her senses to observe the properties of raw honey under a microscope.

Sep 9, 2016 –

NM MESA’s North Central Region collaborated with SITE Santa Fe and Georgia O’Keeffe Museum to create a six week Middle School STEAM Curriculum which uses Project Based Learning to provide students with experiences that teach them to use their senses, creativity, and scientific inquiry to observe the world surrounding them. This 95 page curriculum, which provides 24 hours of lessons that get kids moving and having fun, is part of a larger project to support the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant in Santa Fe Public Schools and Espanola Valley Schools.

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, members of these organizations, as well as others from the Santa Fe Community Educators Network, facilitated a training for over 100 participating teachers on the complete implementation of this curriculum and others produced for this project. More information on shared curricula can be found on the website for the 21st Century Learning Center.


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