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NM MESA students’ voices are heard at 2016 MESA Day at the legislature

NM MESA Students at State Capitalenlarge

NM MESA Students at State Capital. Click image for more pictures...

Jan 26, 2016 –

Over 100 MESA Students, Advisors and MESA staff attended the 2016 MESA Day at the legislature. The day started out with a visit to the House floor where the MESA students heard from Rep. Don Tripp, Speaker of the House and other speakers. A few students were able to have some time on the microphone and tell how they felt about MESA and education in general. Next the students went to visit their Senator or Representative to deliver letters and when possible have a conversation with their Representative at the State Capital.

To finish the morning, the MESA students gathered in the Rotunda to listen intently to the many terrific speakers. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn how government is run, to interact with their Representatives and make their views known to those that can make things happen at the state level.

The Speakers for the day included: Representative Larry Scott, Speaker of the House Don Tripp, Staff Members of the House of Representatives Chief Clerk’s Office, Dr. Bridgette Noonen-Higher Education Department, Dr. Eliseo “Cheo” Torres-University of New Mexico VP for Student Affairs, Representative Larry Larranaga, Jennifer Manzanares-Office of Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, Representative Tomas Salazar, Senator Cliff Pirtle, Secretary of Education-Hanna Skandera, Senator Sue Wilson Beffort, and Senator William Soules.

See the two videos below from the days activities.

Hanna Skandera, Secretary of the New Mexico Public Education Department, talks to MESA students about the importance of STEM. New Mexico State Senator William Soules addresses MESA students about the importance of STEM during the 2016 MESA day at the legislature.



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