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Sep 19, 2016 –

The NM MESA program received a special commendation from National Image, Inc. at the September 14 awards banquet of its 44th Annual National Training Program conducted at the Isleta Resort.

The award was presented by National Image Chief Executive Officer Sylvia Chavez Metoyer who noted that NM MESA deserved the commendation for its successful partnership with National Image in recruiting “the most motivated and well-behaved students we’ve ever had attend our leadership conference.” A total of 287 students and advisors from the following NM MESA high schools attended the three-day event: Española Valley, Bernalillo, Valley, Nex+Gen, West Mesa, Atrisco Heritage Academy, Los Lunas, Valencia, Belen and Socorro.

Students participated in a series of workshops on topics ranging from money management to career paths, internships and job requirements for employment with federal agencies. Students also participated in discussions on how to become leaders in the community and the work place. They interacted with representatives from various agencies and industries on taking the initiative to develop a plan for their respective futures.

“We’ve held our leadership conference all over the nation,” explained National Image Chief Financial Officer Lorenzo Maya. “We’ve seen all kinds of students, but we have never seen students like these New Mexico MESA students. They were professionally dressed, prompt, attentive, engaged the workshop leaders and were always well behaved.”

“The conduct of the NM MESA students has set the bar high for all future leadership conferences,” stated National Image Vice President Veronica Vasquez. “They give us inspiration for the next generation of leaders.”

National Image Inc. staged its National Training Program in New Mexico for the first time in the organization’s history in an effort to reach this region of the nation. The Program, held each September, features a duel track of leadership training for working professionals and high school students in order to expose the youth to real-world leaders developing their own skills and abilities.

National Image is a non-profit agency officially founded in 1971. The original name was National Incorporated Mexican-American Government Employees (IMAGE). The agency was created for the purpose of assisting Spanish-speaking Americans interested in government service and developing upward mobility for those in civil service jobs. In the 1990s, the membership of National Image voted to update the organization’s name to National Image, Inc. to be more inclusive of all Spanish-speaking people and extend its outreach to other under-represented minorities. The agency is headquartered in Chula Vista, CA and partners with individuals, business and non-profit and government agencies to achieve its mission of training, leadership development, education and the advancement of civil rights for all.


This is a great opportunity to support our future professionals of New Mexico and in many cases their families, friends and communities. Additional information can be found on the NM MESA website

NM MESA’s mission is to “Empower and motivate New Mexico’s culturally diverse students with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) enrichment.”

NM MESA is a year-round, multi-year, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiative that works with school districts and higher education institutions to improve NM student STEM performance; increase NM college STEM enrollment; and provide hands-on STEM competitions.

Espanola Valley High School students listen to a presentation on developing leadership while choosing career paths during their attendance at the National Image Leadership Conference September 14.

Espanola Valley High School students listen to a presentation on developing leadership while choosing career paths during their attendance at the National Image Leadership Conference September 14.


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