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NM MESA Student Presents Research at the 2014 AMP Conference

Aretha Deng

Aretha Deng with NM MESA Advisor Connie Jaramillo

Oct 7, 2014 –

Aretha Deng presented data from her recent study, Cultivation of G. sulphuraria in mixotrophic conditions for effective phosphate removal in wastewater, at this year’s New Mexico AMP (Alliance for Minority Participation) Conference at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

Deng is a student in the 10th grade at Las Cruces High School and is a member of the school’s MESA program. She plans to pursue a career as a scientist but has so many interests that she does not yet know which specific field will be her specialty. Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Forensics are all on her list. Her involvement with NM MESA has played a role in this interest. She says that MESA has provided a broad range of experiences in science. Her work on this study, funded by her school’s Young Scholars Program, has taught her to conduct high level research and to read scientific studies.


Aretha Deng explaining her research

Aretha Deng explains her research



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