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NM MESA participates in 2015 Discovery Festival

Alejandra Carmona-Cruz and Nick Kunz at the 2015 Discovery Festivalenlarge

Our booth won a first place award for “Most Inspiring” workshop. Click Picture for more images....

Nov 16, 2015 –

NM MESA was pleased with not only the number of the attendees at the 2015 Discovery Festival, but also the sponsorship from Applied Research Associates (ARA) that made it so we could participate with a booth and workshops.

Discovery Festival is a new Big Brothers Big Sisters initiative focused on acquainting local youth with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM) professions. It is a FREE, two day event where over 10,000 kids (K-12), from all over New Mexico will be able to explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical (STEM) fields in an exciting, hands-on, experiential way. Many local youth have an aptitude in these fields but do not yet understand how they translate into a career.

This event is a fun, creative way for local companies and organizations to introduce STEM based careers and education paths to children across New Mexico. There will also be a focus on matching STEM professionals with interested youth in a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring relationship. The proceeds from this event will help fund the STEM Mentoring in our area and will provide scholarships to youth who qualify.

Alejandra Carmona-Cruz NM MESA’s North Regional Coordinator  and Nick Kunz– NM MESA’s North Central Regional Coordinator had a good time at the Discovery Festival. They had thousands of kids stop at the NM MESA booth. Ages ranged from very little through probably middle school (lots of adults participated as well). The kids all seemed excited to be moving from one workshop to another, learning new things at each one.

NM MESA ran a Physics of Sound workshop: Some students made a Sound Sandwich (simple kazoo-like construction using craft sticks and rubber bands), while others experimented with various pieces of technology that created different tones and showed sound waves. Everything was connected to the overall theme of the MESA booth, which addressed the idea of sound waves being created by vibration:

Alejandra also had a few things to say about our time at the MESA table: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the Discovery Festival. It is wonderful to see children so eager about learning new things. I hope that we inspired some students in one way or another! Kids of all ages need  more of these kinds of conferences to spark or continue their interest  in pursuing a career in STEM fields.”





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