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NM MESA announces the Loyalty Award recipients for 2016

AMP 2016

Students participating at the AMP conference

Apr 13, 2016 –

NM MESA students are able to earn the Loyalty Award for their first year of college. The amount available for a NM MESA student to earn is up to $1000. The Loyalty Award consists of two levels, MESA Success ($500) and Einstein Bonus (up to an additional $500). The student must qualify for the MESA Success to earn the Einstein Bonus.

The Loyalty Award recognizes and awards the students’ loyalty to NM MESA through their participation in activities and events. It also recognizes and awards the students’ for their achievement in academics.

This year NM MESA will give out a total of over $90,000 in Loyalty Awards. Below is a list of this year’s recipients.


Central Inner Region

Alondra Dominguez, Amy Biehl HS, Albuquerque

Dominica Bennett, Del Norte HS, Albuquerque

Jonathan Hobson, Del Norte HS, Albuquerque

Joseph Martinez-Ponce, Del Norte HS, Albuquerque

Dilys Ruan, Del Norte HS, Albuquerque

Dalton DeBerry, East Mountain HS, Sandia Park

Breanne Kidner, East Mountain HS, Cedar Crest

Wesley Meagher, East Mountain HS, Tijeras

Karl Eickhoff, Manzano HS, Albuquerque

Daniel Gugliotta, Manzano HS, Albuquerque

Amy Soudachanh, Manzano HS, Albuquerque

Maribel Cardiel, South Valley Academy, Albuquerque

Olivia Campos, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Andrew Leon, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Merissa Lovato, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Ana Neri, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Corey Pearson, Valley HS, Los Ranchos

Monica Renfro, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Jacqueline Rodriguez, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Pedro Terrazas, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Diana Vega, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Kathryn Warren, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Cherrlynn Zarate, Valley HS, Albuquerque

Central Outer Region

Annette Cortes, Atrisco Heritage Academy HS, Albuquerque

Diego Avitia, Belen HS, Belen

Casey Hoyt, Belen HS, Belen

Montana Hull, Belen HS, Belen

Arena Lewis, Belen HS, Belen

Olivia Barber, Cibola HS, Albuquerque

Michelle Burke, Cibola HS, Albuquerque

Patrick Busey, Cibola HS, Corrales

Ariana Astorga, West Mesa HS, Albuquerque

Yeimy Marquez-Estrada, West Mesa HS, Albuquerque

Gladys Robles, West Mesa HS, Albuquerque

Erick Robles-Nava, West Mesa HS, Albuquerque

Brenda Salas, West Mesa HS, Albuquerque

North Central Region

Taylor Evanko, Bernalillo HS, Placitas

Samuel Hamilton, Bernalillo HS, Placitas

Richard Miranda, Bernalillo HS, Bernalillo

Lorenzo Yardman, Bernalillo HS, Bernalillo

Michael Gonzales, Espanola Valley HS, Espanola

Shania Salipan, Espanola Valley HS, Espanola

Victoria Lovato, Mesa Vista HS, Ojo Caliente

Alyssa Martinez, Mesa Vista HS, Ojo Caliente

Misty Suazo, Mesa Vista HS, Abiquiu

Northern Region

Derrick Bustos, Mora HS, Buena Vista

Ambrozia Medina, Mora HS, Mora

Brianna Pacheco, Mora HS, Mora

Carmelita Padilla, Mora HS, Mora

Destiny Romero, Mora HS, Guadalupita

Nathaniel Romero, Mora HS, Mora

Fidel Valdez, Mora HS, Mora

Wanonce Rakestraw, Penasco HS, Fairview

Mykah Lackey, Robertson HS, Las Vegas

Elicia Trujillo, Robertson HS, Las Vegas

Theresa Salas, Santa Rosa HS, Santa Rosa

Philomena Zitz, Santa Rosa HS, Santa Rosa

Sabrina Carrillo, West Las Vegas HS, Las Vegas

Raquela Crespin, West Las Vegas HS, Las Vegas

Destini Garcia, West Las Vegas HS, San Jose

Ashlyn Wagoner, West Las Vegas HS, Las Vegas

Zachary Yee, West Las Vegas HS, Las Vegas

Jacob Zamora, West Las Vegas HS, Villanueva

Southeastern Region

Nicholas Baker, Alamogordo HS, Alamogordo

Angel Baray, Alamogordo HS, Alamogordo

Subaru Davis, Alamogordo HS, Holloman Air Force Base

Sarah Fox, Alamogordo HS, Alamogordo

Adriana Smith, Alamogordo HS, Alamogordo

Anniston McCaleb, Artesia High School, Artesia

Samuel Raley, Artesia High School, Artesia

Samuel Bartlett, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad

Nathan Christensen, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad

Reagan Pennypacker, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad

Ratheesh Rajan, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad

Cesar Ruiz, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad

Sarah Strong, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad

Jonathan De la Cerda, Goddard HS, Roswell

Britt Dixon, Goddard HS, Roswell

Kevin George, Goddard HS, Roswell

Joman Pettes, Goddard HS, Roswell

Chabrielle Allen, Roswell HS, Roswell

Marcus Bohlin, Roswell HS, Roswell

Natalia Vital, Roswell HS, Roswell

Brittani Kelley, Ruidoso HS, Ruidoso

Colton Robertson, Ruidoso HS, Ruidoso

Southwestern Region

Samuel Gajewski, Centennial HS, Las Cruces

Benjamin Hernandez, Centennial HS, Las Cruces

Robert Lyons, Centennial HS, Las Cruces

Desiree Martinez, Centennial HS, Mesilla Park

Katrina Martinez, Centennial HS, Las Cruces

Alexis Sifuentes, Centennial HS, Las Cruces

Ashley Sullivan, Centennial HS, Las Cruces

Elijah Hutts, Deming HS, Deming

Ryan May, Deming HS, Deming

Andres Suzuki, Deming HS, Deming

Brandon Bicknell, Las Cruces HS, Las Cruces

Anurag Borah, Las Cruces HS, Las Cruces

Helen Cai, Las Cruces HS, Las Cruces

Jonah Ng, Las Cruces HS, Las Cruces

Edward Park, Las Cruces HS, Las Cruces

Eric Hardy, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Julio Monjaras, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Katharine Pryor, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Marcos Raymond, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Ivan Renteria, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Tyler Stockberger, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Alan Tirado, Onate HS, Las Cruces

Western Region

Cheyenne Bates, Crownpoint HS, Window Rock

Mykale Begay – Harlan, Crownpoint HS, Crownpoint

Kaila Lee, Crownpoint HS, Crownpoint

Wayde Morgan, Crownpoint HS, Crownpoint

Kashayla Smith, Crownpoint HS, Crownpoint

Jefferson Bahe, Gallup HS, Gallup

Jesus Sonny Belleza Jr, Gallup HS, Gallup

Zackery Cochran, Gallup HS, Gallup

Calista James, Gallup HS, Gallup

Tyra Jeff, Gallup HS, Yahtahey

Troy Joe, Gallup HS, Gallup

Ottum Jones, Gallup HS, Yatahey

Kacey Kenneth, Gallup HS, Gallup

Sheyenne Sangster, Gallup HS, St. Micheals

Samantha Smith, Gallup HS, Window Rock

Chandler Charles, Miyamura HS, Ft. Wingate

Delvena Dale, Miyamura HS, Yahtahey

Makayla Gilman, Miyamura HS, Gallup

Darius Yazzie, Miyamura HS, Ft. Wingate

Caleigh Benally, Navajo Preparatory High School, Churchrock

Isaiah Peterman, Thoreau HS, Continental Divide

Derrick Vandever, Thoreau HS, Prewitt


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