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MESA USA 2016 statewide competition results

Deming HS team 1st place at MESA USA statewide

Deming HS 1st place (L-R) Antoni Varela, David Velez, Robbie Lee Perkett, David Jaramillo- Advisor

Apr 26, 2016 –

This year’s MESA USA statewide competition was held at New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) in Roswell, New Mexico. NMMI staff were excellent and attentive hosts providing a great place to hold our MESA USA statewide competition. Both the High school and Middle school teams showed great effort and ability in showcasing their low-cost Prosthetic Arm devices they designed for the competition. Throughout the performance and presentation stages the teams showed first class knowledge and expertise in operating and describing their device.

Congratulations to all the teams and especially the winners of the statewide event, Deming High School (Deming, NM) and Red Mountain Middle School (Deming, NM). These two teams along with their Advisor and Regional Coordinator will travel to Ogden, Utah to compete in the national MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition in June 2016.

High School results (pdf)

Middle School results (pdf)


Red Mountain MS 1st place (L-R) Alejandra Orosco, Adriana Darrow, Kaitlyn Warczinski, Monika Velez- Advisor



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