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MESA presents at the 2015 STEM Symposium

Rick Cole presenting at the 2015 STEM Symposiumenlarge

Rick Cole presenting at the 2015 STEM Symposium. Click on image for more pictures...

Jun 15, 2015 –

The 2015 2nd Annual STEM Symposium was a great success as more than 400 educators from around the state came to Albuquerque on May 29th to learn more about STEM and STEM activities they can use in their classrooms.

MESA was involved as we provided two presentations as part of the STEM filled day. Rick Cole and Kim Scheerer presented “Connecting Students & Teachers with STEM“. The educators were guided through many low cost, impactable, STEM activities in the 90 minute presentation. They also covered ways to address the culture of STEM learning and how to use the inclusiveness that the many STEM fields offer as a way to bridge the gap.

Matt Solano presented on using Alice Software as a way of introducing students to computer programming. Alice is interactive programming software that requires students to program “objects” as part of building a video game. This was shown as a way to give students a easy way to learn programming terminology and methods. In a learn by having fun process it was clear that the educators were indeed having fun as laughter was heard throughout the session.

We are very appreciative to the NM PED for allowing MESA to participate for the 2nd straight year and look forward to future opportunities to share what we have learned through our over 30 years of experience in the STEM education arena.

Link to the presentation and worksheets here.


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