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Mathematics & Science for Minority Students

Youth in Math and science

Sep 23, 2014 –

The (MS)2 program was founded in 1977 to address the compelling need to cultivate the mathematical and scientific abilities of economically disadvantaged African American, Latino, and Native American high school students from targeted cities and communities across the United States.   In a residential setting on the historic Phillips Academy campus, the three-summer program challenges students intellectually and exposes them to peers and educators with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and aspirations.  This competitive and rigorous program is free of charge for all students selected.

Success Rate

After 35 years in existence, it is clear that the (MS)2 program’s success rate is impressive. 95% of the graduates have enrolled in college immediately after high school and 75% of the program’s graduates have gone on to major in math or science. In addition to a high graduation rate, scholars have attended some of the most selective colleges and universities. Over the last five years, 50% of our graduates have attended one of the top 25 schools in the country

How to Apply

Competition for admission is keen. (MS)² is designed to work in tandem with the public school systems in an effort to better prepare students of color for future careers in the mathematic and the scientific fields. Candidates for admission must complete a pre-application form and return it by the deadline date.

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